McGill Law ( understands the challenges families face in divorce. They help families that are going through the most difficult and important times in their lives. The firm is focused on respectful, empowered divorces and adoptions. Every client is treated with dignity and respect and is guaranteed effective representation. McGill Law’s expertise and integrity have earned them a reputation as one of Nebraska’s premier legal firms.

With McGill Law guiding you through your family law matter, you will have a compassionate, caring and experienced attorney taking you through the legal process with the goal of achieving a peaceful result for you and your family.

Why Collaborative Law?

Collaborative law can be a more peaceful path, by choosing to divorce differently couples have a huge opportunity to set the stage for a better future with effective co-parenting, financial independence, and much more. McGill Law cares for your family and they understand the emotion, stress, and complexity of what you are experiencing. They can help you divorce with dignity.

Call now for a consultation, so McGill Law can use their experience and energy to guide your case.

Collaborative Mediation™

McGill Law is honored to be the sole law firm in the Nebraska and Iowa area to offer Collaborative Mediation™.

What is Collaborative Mediation™? Collaborative Mediation™ is a hybrid of the two most efficient methods of divorce currently available – Collaborative Law and Mediation. Collaborative Mediation™ offers clients one streamlined process that can be more satisfying than either process alone. The parties agree at the onset that they are going to work toward resolution in a transparent and respectful manner with the help of a neutral mediator.

Collaborative Mediation™ is an offshoot of Collaborative Practice in that litigation is off the table and McGill Law brings in other professionals, as needed, to assist the participants in reaching a fair agreement.

The mediation sessions are led by Theresa Loughran, a neutral and experienced family law attorney. The parties have the option of utilizing the assistance of a marriage/family counselor and/or a neutral financial advisor to guide them through the process. Specifically, Theresa offers education about the law and facilitates discussions without advocating or advising. She also helps the parties gather important information, develop options for an equitable property division and cohesive, family-centered parenting plan. The marriage/family counselor assists with the strong emotions either party experiences and offers tools for effective communication. The parties may also choose to utilize the expertise of a financial neutral that can offer advice on assets and debts, analyze budgetary needs and help plan for a secure financial future.

Collaborative Divorce

Choose a McGill Law collaborative divorce attorney and discover how the collaborative divorce process empowers you and your family to resolve legal disputes without judges, magistrates or court personnel making decisions for you.

McGill Law has consistently handled more collaborative divorce cases than any other firm in the city of Omaha and in the state of Nebraska. Collaborative divorce is a problem-solving approach that can minimize the impact of conflict on you, your children, family and life.

You will be supported by professionals with the right expertise to guide and inform you along the way. The results are legally binding agreements that resolve the issues facing your family. With the information and guidance you need, you are empowered to make the sound, long-lasting decisions that will impact you and your family for years to come. The Collaborative process preserves your privacy and your dignity while giving you the best possible chance at resolving your disputes respectfully.

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