Proudly serving Lincoln since 1990, ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance (ServiceMaster PBM, employs professional experts who are trained, screened, and tested to ensure top-quality service. Their professional cleaning services will not only leave your business looking spotless, but also will enhance its overall appearance for employees, customers, and clients to enjoy.

ServiceMaster PBM provides much more than janitorial services; their lineup includes commercial carpet cleaning, hard and resilient floor services, green cleaning, healthcare cleaning, and handy-man services.


Improves Air Quality
A dirty workplace with dusty furniture, desks, and carpets leads to poor air quality. Dust in the air can be irritating for employees with breathing problems such as asthma. Furthermore, dust causes nose, eyes, and throat irritation as well, which can also lead to a lack of productivity in the workplace. ServiceMaster PBM’s janitorial services utilize the “Capture and Removal Cleaning” system in which dust and dirt are effectively trapped, rather than moved around, by their patent-pending dust wand and microfiber technologies.


Reduces Sick Leaves
Office desks contain a huge number of germs, viruses, and bacteria. That means that if you don’t get the office clean, your employees may get sick. As a result, the number of sick leaves increases, reducing productivity. If you want to improve productivity, you have to keep the workplace clean. ServiceMaster PBM offers disinfection services and their employees are trained to isolate, clean, disinfect, and decontaminate each surface following DCD recommendations.


Creates a Good First Impression
A neat and clean office leaves a memorable and professional impression for clients, potential employees, and stockholders. When your workplace is neat as well as clean, you will experience an air of professionalism. Perhaps, cleanliness in your workplace can get you a contract from a client or impress your investors to release your next investment. ServiceMaster PBM has over 30 years of experience in office cleaning and can help you leave a lasting impression on anyone that walks through the doors of your business.

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