Yankee Hill Brick is a local brick manufacturer that has been producing quality pieces of brick for over 140 years. The products that come from Yankee Hill are specified on many award-winning projects. The combination of quality, color and pristine finish makes Yankee Hill an attractive choice for architects and design-build firms throughout the United States and internationally. Yankee Hill’s unique blends of clay and state-of-the-art, high temperature firing kiln allow manufacturing of the highest quality clay brick products in the industry.

As Americans moved west in the 1850’s and 60’s, some passed southwest of present day Lincoln. A small community of New Englanders settled in the hilly area, built a store and blacksmith shop, and named the community Yankee Hill. In 1881 Joseph E. Stockwell began to make brick from the wonderful clay deposits located just west of the village. The manufacture of brick at this same location has continued to this day. While the brick-making process has changed since Yankee Hill’s conception, the company still begins with clay dug from the earth at a mine located just a few miles away from the storefront.

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