Cornhusker Bank: Lincoln’s Hometown Bank

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Photo-Cornhusker-Bank-Client-Spotlight-finalLincoln’s Hometown Bank

Cornhusker Bank’s ( new building location on the northwest corner of 84th and O Street in Lincoln is becoming more visible on the skyline. The building will bring a consolidation of many departments and human talents which the bank’s current headquarters currently doesn’t have space to facilitate. Barry Lockard, Bank President/CEO, states, “While the occupation of the new Cornhusker Bank Center in November will bring new conveniences to our customers, as a community bank, we are continually enhancing customer service with our commitment to maintain a great branch network throughout town.”

Cornhusker Bank’s current bank hub located at 11th and Cornhusker will remain open as a full service branch, serving our customers in northwest Lincoln. The Cornhusker Bank branch has served as headquarters for the bank since it was built in 1979. Audrie Bates, Relationship Officer at this location will transfer to the new 84th and O Street facility when it is completed. Audrie notes that after the relocation of the bank center to 84th and O, customers may expect many familiar faces to remain at 11th and Cornhusker for continued financial service with excellence.

The bank’s 27th and Dudley Street branch will continue to serve customers along the North 27th Street Corridor. Kathy Reyes, Universal Banker, notes, “This branch is such an integral part of the community it sits in that many customers can actually walk to it from their homes.”

Aaron Schmitz is the Branch Manager for both the 27th Street branch and the Bethany branch at 1600 North Cotner Boulevard. The Bethany branch was opened in 1987. This former one-family home was remodeled to accommodate the functions of Cornhusker Bank, and was purchased in 1987. The tenured staff at this branch is passionate about getting to know their customers and building strong relationships.

Wendy Boyd has served as Branch Manager at the South Street branch located at the corner of 56th and South Street since 1989. This centrally located branch has housed the bank’s mortgage department and personnel, as well as serving as a retail location. After the completion of the new Cornhusker Bank Center, Wendy reports, “Staff will continue to assist customers with great retail service, and appointments with mortgage officers.”

Apples Way’s Branch Manager, Heather Marie Anderson, reports the Apples Way location at 6100 Apples Way has been serving the southeast corner of Lincoln since 2008. Heather notes, “One of the most popular features of our location is our community room, which provides a meeting area at no cost to our customers.” Cornhusker Bank Insurance Agency and Wealth Management departments are currently based in the Apples Way Branch.

The bank’s Old Cheney location at 34th and Old Cheney Road has experienced professional associates who like to bring some “fun” into banking by saying thank you to customers with snacks like popcorn and M&Ms. The Old Cheney location in Williamsburg has been in existence since 1996. Tyler Ham, Branch Manager, noted the bank’s “hub and spoke” model allows the branch to take care of customers’ needs with support from the bank center, and promotes easy elevation with a great handoff to appropriate areas in our bank network.

With six full service locations around town, and a new bank center on the way, Cornhusker Bank remains Lincoln’s oldest locally owned bank, demonstrating hometown heart, stability, soundness and continued commitment to the success of its valued customers and associates. For more information please visit

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