Foster Care – Parenting is Tough. CEDARS is Here to Help.

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Parenting is Tough. CEDARS is Here to Help.

“The biggest thing is to have parents know that it is okay to ask for help,” says Kristina Hagan, prevention services program director at CEDARS (

“Every parent wants the best for their child, regardless of their circumstances,” Kristina continues. “We’re all just doing the best we can to make sure our kids have a really bright future. Sometimes though, what gets in the way of that is what we don’t know.”

When that happens, Kristina says, it’s important for parents to reach out to their trusted family members, friends, neighbors, or an agency like CEDARS (

Founded in Lincoln in 1947, CEDARS has been supporting children and families in this community for over 70 years. CEDARS staff walk alongside children and families every step of the way. With encouragement, guidance, and direction, the team has the honor of watching lives change.

Parenting is one of the most rewarding and powerful experiences in a person’s life. For many, it is also the most overwhelming and stressful of experiences. Many parents might be feeling pressure to be a “good parent,” and it’s important to know that being a “good parent” can mean a variety of things.

Parenting doesn’t always come naturally. No one is born knowing everything there is to know about parenting, and that’s okay.

“There’s nothing wrong with seeking a little guidance,” says Kristina. “Reaching out is a sign of strength. CEDARS is here to help them on the journey of parenting.”

CEDARS doesn’t point out the things a parent is doing wrong. Staff seek to encourage families in their strengths and build on them.

These services are free, voluntary, and open to any family in the local area.

It is the goal of CEDARS to keep children with their family. “We never want kids to have to be anywhere but in their homes. If that’s a safe place for them, that’s where we want them to stay,” says Kristina.

If you would like support for your family, please call (402) 436-5437 or visit

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