Foster Care: Reasons to Foster a Teen

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Foster Care: Reasons to Foster a Teen

logo-cedarsKids come into foster care for a variety of reasons. Ultimately, CEDARS ( goal is either to reunite children safely with their families or find a permanent home for them. Until these goals can be achieved, foster families give kids stability and room to grow as individuals.

In some cases, a child in need of a foster home might be very young, but many in need are teens and pre-teens. Older youth need the love and support of a trusted, solid relationship with family just as much as younger children.

CEDARS asked their foster parents and teens why others should consider opening their hearts and homes to fostering a teen. These are some of their answers:

  1. We aren’t in diapers.
  2. We sleep through the night.
  3. Teens get more involved in independent, outside-the-home activities – primarily extracurricular activities at school and work. Yes, that can mean you’re doing more driving around, but it also means that you’re getting a couple hours of “break” here and there.
  4. They are often helpful around the home. Mowing, vacuuming, cooking, even transporting or tutoring younger siblings.
  5. You get to teach them the fun stuff that they will use the rest of their life, like driving, budgeting, cooking, and cleaning.
  6. You don’t need to find a babysitter for us or send us to daycare.
  7. You have the opportunity to form a lifelong friendship.
  8. You have the ability to help a teen gain their independence and start their adult life on a positive note.
  9. Each and every one of them has taught us something new about ourselves.
  10. All kids need superheroes…regardless of how old they are. It’s kind of cool to think that you might be part of the reason this kid goes to college or becomes someone great.

Every day, the CEDARS team is working to ensure that over 275 foster children and youth flourish in loving families. Because foster parents are an integral part of the CEDARS professional team, they are equipped with exceptional training and have access to the staff team 24/7, support groups, and quarterly gatherings for foster families.

It is important to know that there is no typical CEDARS foster family. CEDARS foster families include parents with children at home, single adults, couples hoping to adopt and empty nesters. To help, all you need is a stable home, an open heart and a willingness to reach out to a child in need. The CEDARS team is committed to providing the best experience possible to foster children and foster families.

If you have ever considered fostering and would like more information, please contact Adrianne Poppe at (402) 890-1410 or

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