Partners ‘N Hair is a full-service salon that has been serving the Lincoln community for more than 35 years. The salon features a talented team of knowledgeable and experienced stylists that strive to make the experience of every customer that walks through their doors a great one. Partners ‘N Hair offers a wide variety of services including cuts, trims, colors, perms, waxing, and styling, all while helping their clients relax and feel at home.

Owner Jen Honnens has been working as a stylist for 20 years and took over ownership of Partners ‘N Hair in 2012. She has been working ever since to keep the atmosphere feeling familiar and comfortable to everyone who has been dedicated to Partners ‘N Hair since it opened in 1987.

In addition to Jen, the team at Partners ‘N Hair includes stylists Sherry Gudding and Melanie Bena. They’re all about helping people feel good, look good, and leave happier than they were when they came in. That’s why people keep coming back. There’s a warm, personal touch they get at Partners ‘N Hair that can’t be found everywhere.

Jen shared that her goal after taking over Partners ‘N Hair was to keep those relationships alive, to grow her clientele, and to reach more people in Lincoln. After all, it’s those relationships—those lifelong friendships and the way people feel when they leave the salon—that make her job so rewarding.

“It’s the longevity of our relationships. Some people have been coming here since it opened, before I worked here. A lot of my clients have been working with me since as long as I’ve been cutting hair—20 years.”

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6940 Van Dorn St. STE #108