Ideal Pure of Water of Lincoln – For Your Office’s Water and Coffee Needs

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If you’re a business owner, you know that there are OSHA requirements in place that ensure employers provide drinking water to their employees, but do you know why this is so important? Furthermore, have you considered the quality of drinking water in your office? Drinking water to stay hydrated throughout the workday is a big part of your employees’ health and self-care. Dehydration can lead to headaches, decreased memory, and can even reduce job productivity. So, as an employer, if you give your team easy access to clean, filtered water, they’ll be more productive if they aren’t sluggish from dehydration. It’s also very common for offices to provide coffee and team to their employees. Most people prefer to start their workday with a little caffeine boost! So, why not partner with a company that can meet both your water and coffee needs?

IDEAL PURE WATER ( of Lincoln delivers the best water and coffee products directly to your business and home with first-class customer service. You can put your confidence in them knowing that they have been locally owned and operated for over 11 years. The family behind Ideal Pure Water is in its second generation.

Ideal Pure Reverse Osmosis and Distilled Water

IDEAL’s purified and distilled water is produced utilizing specific processes to ensure the best tasting and most Pure Water free of chlorine, lead, or other impurities. Their water uses a special regulated formula that ensures every bottled is the best tasting and the most refreshing water on the planet. You can also select Mountain Valley Spring Water based on your preference. This spring water is sodium free naturally alkaline water that has been bottled in glass at the original source for more than 140 years. Health-conscious consumers appreciate the minerals like calcium carbonate, iron, potassium, magnesium, and even a trace amount of fluoride.

More Than Just a Water Company!

IDEAL also provides coffees, teas, brewing equipment, supplies, and condiments to companies of all sizes. They offer a range of flavors, styles, and values to meet all your needs. Choose from IDEAL Colombian, IDEAL Perfecto, IDEAL Robusto, IDEAL Variety Packs (Jamaican Me Crazy, Caribbean Hazelnut, Tropical Vanilla, and Caramel Nut), and blends from coffee brands such as Starbucks Seattle’s Best. They even offer Green Mountain Coffee K-Cups.

Check out our Arbor Day Coffee, an extension of the Arbor Day Foundation in Nebraska. They grow sustainable shade grown coffee and are dedicated to preserving the Rainforest and planting trees. A great option for anyone looking to go green!

Customer Service Matters

Healthy hydration is important, but so is hassle-free water delivery. Choosing a local, family-owned business is a good way to assure you receive good customer service. Since IDEAL PURE WATER of Lincoln is local to Nebraska and family-owned, there’s no massive call center to wade through to get effective customer service. You aren’t put on hold and toggled from one representative to another.

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