JMISKO surgical design | md – Look & Feel Like Yourself Again

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JMISKO surgical design | md – Look & Feel Like Yourself Again

JMISKO surgical design md (www.JMISKO.comhas now been serving clients in Lincoln, Omaha, and Kearney for 10 years. All of their services center around their patient’s overall wellbeing. Whether that be in aesthetics, weight management, hair restoration, stem cell therapy or orthopedic medicine, the overall goal is to get you or your loved ones looking and feeling the way you deserve. 

Looking back on the past decade, there have been many successes to be proud of in that time. From high-profile clients to clients young and old right here in our community whose procedures have resulted both looking and feeling better, each has been equally significant and fulfilling. Here’s what one patient, Mark Cooper, who you might recognize from his famed career in college and professional football, had to say about a procedure he had performed by the professionals at JMISKO surgical design md.

What type of procedure did you have done at JMISKO Surgical design md? – Hair restoration.

Who is Mark Cooper; the man, the legend? – Not sure I am a legend, but I did play for the University of Miami. While playing at Miami I was the left tackle for Professional Hall of Famer Jim Kelly. In 1983 I was drafted by the Denver Broncos in the 2nd round and the 31st overall pick.

The next four years I played for the Denver Broncos and was paid to protect the Hall of Fame Quarterback John Elway. John and I both played in Super Bowl XXI. After leaving the Broncos I played 3 years with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where I was able to protect Vinny Testaverde. I guess being 6’5”, 270lbs, the coaches and owners always wanted me to protect the team’s biggest assets, the quarterbacks.

In 1990, I retired in the city of Denver and became a commercial real estate agent. My wife Nancy and I have two wonderful sons, Cameron and Michael. They are both athletes and have followed their father’s footsteps. Cameron attends UTEP where he is playing football and Michael attends Kentucky Christian University where he is playing basketball.

Why would a man of your stature care about losing hair? – The main reason for my hair transplant is the fact that I am an avid fly fisherman. With that said, I am in the sun a lot and the top of my head was being burned on a regular basis. I know that sounds kind of crazy, but to me, it was a wakeup call to get my hair replaced. I also host the Rocky Mountain fly fishing tournament in Colorado and I really wanted to have my hair back so I could look better (if that’s even possible!). All joking aside, also being a real estate agent, I am meeting and talking with people every day, so looking good is always a plus.

What was your experience like with Dr. Misko, the technicians, and the entire staff ? – I did a lot of research about hair restoration, how it worked, who were the best doctors and who had the best results. All of my findings led to one person and one medical facility: Dr. Justin Misko and JMISKO surgical design md. After speaking with Dr. Misko on the phone, I knew I wasn’t going anywhere else. This is not an inexpensive procedure so if you get it done, get it done by the best.

What is the biggest change you have felt since you have had hair restoration? – I have always been a confident guy, but since this procedure, I actually have way more confidence. Having a full head of hair makes you feel and look a lot younger.

Talk to us about the day of the procedure; how did that go? – It really was pretty simple and painless. Plan on taking the day off and letting them do their magic. The level of care I received during the procedure was amazing. All of the hair technicians were communicating with me throughout day and their care and compassion was amazing. Very systematic process!

How about recovery time? – I flew back to Denver the same day as the procedure. I spent Saturday and Sunday relaxing with a few ibuprofens and on Monday I was back to the office.

Would you recommend this procedure to someone who is experiencing hair loss? – Absolutely!

Mark, you have accomplished a lot in life. What is the one thing you would still like to accomplish in your lifetime? – I would love to fish the Christmas Islands in the Pacific or the Indian oceans and catch a GT or “Giant Travally.”

In closing, is there anything else you’d like to add? – JMISKO is world-class, and Dr. Misko is the real deal, the best of the best.

Hair Restoration
For early stages of hair loss to more severe
cases, we have a solution for every stage.
Find out why so many men & women are
putting their trust in the steady hand of World-Renowned Hair Surgeon Dr. Justin Misko, MD.

Stem Cell Therapy
We are ready to put your cells back to work.
This simple non-invasive, out-patient procedure can relieve pain, promote healing & may be
a viable option to surgery.

Top-Shelf Skin Care
Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a
miracle. When it comes to skin care, JMISKO prides ourselves to carryt he best-in-class,
top-of-the-line skin care products.

JMISKO is proud to be in the Top 500 practices
in the U.S. for Allergan products. Whether you
are looking for Botox to reduce fine lines and wrinkles or to plump up your lips with Juvederm fillers, we are Nebraska’s go-to place for
anything and everything when it comes
to your asthetics.

Hormone & Weight Loss
Whether you are lacking energy, having trouble loosing weight or simply want to ensure your hormones are in check, we have it all!

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