John Henry’s: The Best Way to Give Back to Our Community!

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The Best Way to Give Back to Our Community!

Do you get tired of companies claiming “We are the best and will provide good service?”
It’s easy to make claims and talk the talk, but truth is a patient hunter.

photo-john-henry-awardsJohn Henrys ( walks the talk. They have received some really prestigious awards and that “scoreboard” is unmatched. Their “scoreboard” contains but is not limited to the Lincoln Journal Star’s People’s Choice Award, KFOR Best of Lincoln, Angie’s List Super Service Awards for plumbing, heating, and air conditioning, five Lennox Centurion Awards earned only by the upper 5% of HVAC companies in North America, two Better Business Bureau Ambassador of Integrity Awards, and two Better Business Bureau Integrity Awards. Whew!

John Henrys didn’t adjust their business motto just to win awards. The awards found them through the years because of the way they run the business. For instance, they believe integrity has to be in every transaction because it’s easier to run businesses that way.

Customers tend to support companies with integrity and the result is their customer base is over 35K and growing!

photo-john-henry-integrity-awardThe John Henry’s team is really special for a lot of reasons. They are respectful and nice. They are close as a team. They work in a positive environment that promotes career growth. They will respect your homes and businesses!

John Henry (Jack) Zohner believes hiring the right team is the only way to build a successful business. The company’s hiring procedures include a personality survey to fully understand the seven basic personality traits of applicants. It’s important to get the right applicant in a position that fits them well, and then use their strengths to manage them.

Interviews typically take over three hours and are performed by three or more managers. They require background checks, plus drug and alcohol testing. You can be assured that “stranger” in your home is trustworthy.

John Henrys hires for attitude and trains for skill. Employees with a positive attitude tend to accomplish more and perform better overall.

John Henry’s has a progressive apprenticeship program that teaches plumbing, heating, and air conditioning skills. It’s designed to “grow their own” and is working really well.  They are always training tomorrow’s leaders.

John Henrys developed Standard Operating Procedures manuals to provide consistency. They take their services seriously because lives are at stake. That’s important considering how many major plagues have been the result of poor plumbing standards. The SARS virus is a good example that took over 2,200 lives worldwide.

It’s very important to protect customers from carbon monoxide poisoning too. John Henrys checks carbon monoxide levels in homes and businesses during routine plumbing or HVAC service calls. Few, if any, companies check for carbon monoxide to the degree John Henrys does. They consistently find water heaters and furnaces operating at a level high enough it can cause varying levels of carbon monoxide poisoning. They have saved lives. Have you had your fossil fuel equipment checked out recently?

“Thanks to all those in our community that support and cheer on John Henrys on a regular basis. We are grateful for you and are honored to serve you.”
– Jack Zohner

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