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The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce unveiled a new brand for Lincoln in June. The brand, which aims to make residents feel they can be successful, comfortable and have fun in Lincoln, is positioned to retain and attract young professionals to the growing marketplace.



Bailey Lauerman conducted primary research to explore attitudes, opinions and behaviors of city stakeholders; identify key drivers and opportunities for the community; and distill the essence of Lincoln’s brand.


Qualitative Research: aspiration session among current and past Chamber leadership

20, one-on-one interviews (local entrepreneurs, established professionals, first impression experts, area investors, site selection consultants and young professionals)

Four focus groups among Gen X natives, Gen X non-natives, Gen Y natives and  Gen Y non-natives

Secondary Research: review of existing/past issue-related documents and studies; desk research for designated “peer” cities to understand best practices related to place branding

Quantitative Research: online survey of YPG/Chamber database/Lincoln residents; sample size of 800+


82 percent said they are “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with Lincoln as a place to live

67 percent reported they were “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with the city as a place to start a career or business

70 percent said they don’t plan on moving; they plan to retire here or that they’ll live in Lincoln as long as they can find work

When asked “what do we want to be known for?”…

33 percent said a high quality of life

28 percent said a city with momentum that’s modernizing and moving up

13 percent said friendly, hard-working people with Midwestern values


Residents feel empowered in Lincoln. They believe Lincoln’s community size provides the best of both worlds. They’re in control to create the kind of life they always wanted. They’re free from hassles and encumbrances of bigger cities. They get more for less and feel like they’re in on something special.

That said, they pride themselves on their practicality. Living in Lincoln makes sense. You can live close to work so you can have a fulfilling career and more importantly, time to spend on yourself and your family. They work hard. They do the right thing. They don’t talk about it much though; it’s just how they are.

They value things like stability and the sense of building something. They are not flashy; they’re solid, reliable and working to build a future.

They think Lincoln is the perfect place to make all that happen.

Peter Morris: Creative Director/ Owner-Local Hero Design-“I think the new branding is really smart. AR has done a great job of considering multiple ways to hit the intended demographic in positive and exciting ways.

A lot of the opposing discussion focuses on negatives associated with Lincoln: taxes, job creation and politics. Does this brand address those issues? Not directly. It does, however, move the collective consciousness in the right direction. When looking at changing an attitude and a public perception this is just a small piece of the puzzle–but an important piece.

This brand is a rallying cry. It gives business and citizens an auspicious vision. It says “guess what, we’ve always thought we were awesome, now we’re going to let the world know.”

In my professional career I’ve seen time and time again how a new visual identity given proper support does change perception–both internally and externally. I firmly believe that if we are able to champion this brand it will succeed. “


Tom Klein: Business Banker-First National Bank-“I think it’s great when the community can come together and tell others what Lincoln has to offer.   This campaign should put some new life and energy into that effort and I look forward to the positive results that can develop from this type of movement.”


Bob Marshall: Mid-Alliance Insurance-“Life is Right is putting Lincoln on the right path to promote excitement throughout the community for not only the younger citizens of Lincoln, but for the older generation who have lived here for most of their lives.
Lincoln has always been known for Husker Football, but with all the wonderful opportunities; everyone should take notice of how Lincoln is changing.  We are no longer a sleepy town except for the couple of months in the fall, but year around with many employment opportunities plus interesting events to participate and attend throughout the year.

I am really excited about the entertainment opportunities on the horizon with the Chamber’s Music Series plus the new Arena attracting national artists. The beat is just starting.  Lets go Lincoln.

Life is Right in Lincoln.  I am proud to be a Lincolnite.”

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