Lincoln’s Top of the Line Full-Service Car Wash – Jet Splash

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JetSplash was locally founded in February of 2003.  Currently, they operate four stand-alone car washes in Lincoln. All Jet Splash locations focus on providing customers with a quality exterior wash in just FIVE minutes.  Their first location also has a detail center, which offers services ranging from basic interior cleaning to full restoration detailing.

JetSplash strives to better their company on a daily basis in order to provide their customers with the best possible service, while staying current on all new technology in the industry.  Additionally, JetSplash focuses on cleaning cars safely and in an environmentally-friendly manner. Their company has been utilizing customer feedback for the last ten years, in order to provide customers with services that meet all types of car washing needs. All daily operations are currently handled by Matt Toombs and Ty Prucha.

What do you like about doing business in Lincoln? People are generally friendly — it’s a small town atmosphere in a moderately sized city.  Our customers simply want a quality service in a timely manner, at a fair price.

What changes have you seen in the industry and your company in the past few years? Over 7 years ago we changed from a full service wash to an express exterior model and added free vacuums.  With a struggling economy, most customers would rather pay for an exterior wash and vacuum themselves rather than paying for the service.  Also, customers didn’t have time to wait for interior cleaning.  The express exterior model turned 20-25 wait times to 5-10 minutes or less.

What is the most unique or interesting thing about your business that most people don’t know? The car wash itself is actually very complex.  Our computer that controls the wash has over 100 functions and is integrated with a sophisticated point-of-sale system to make sure customers receive the wash they paid for, and all services on each wash are provided.


What is one of the biggest challenges that your company has faced? Growing from one wash and 35 employees to four washes and 120+ employees has been a huge challenge.  We have expanded tremendously in the last 4 years, building three new locations during that time.  When we had only one wash it was easy to maintain good supervision on the equipment and employees to meet the expectations of our customers.  We have changed our internal focus to training, policies and procedures.  This year we expect to wash about 500,000 vehicles.  That’s a lot of responsibility for management and employees!

What has been your most important achievement as a business? We have really made a good name for ourselves, and are proud that many people recognize our name and brand.  They also know what to expect when they visit our facilities.  It is always a challenge to start a new business and JetSplash was no exception.  Our first year, we washed about 40,000 cars.  We knew the success rate of start-up businesses and realized we had to work hard to build trust to form a customer base. Surviving the first few years was the most important thing.  Now having the chance to expand and thrive in a very unstable economy is something we are very proud of.

What kind of community organizations & groups are you involved with? We have the Drive Clean Student Awareness Program for all of the schools in Lincoln and the surrounding areas.  This program was created for high school students attending prom as an initiative to stay drug and alcohol free during the prom season and not drive under the influence.  All students who take the pledge to “Drive Clean” receive a free car wash and are entered into a drawing for a free detail and a gift certificate to Gary Michaels Clothier.  We want to support local schools to help keep students safe on the road.  It is our job as a community to expose these juniors and seniors to constant reminders about staying drug and alcohol free. We also have a fundraising program for any local organizations raising money or non-profit organizations.  They receive 50% of all the sales they assist in making.  We have worked with over fifty organizations to help them raise money for expenses, trips, and equipment.

We are very grateful for our loyal customer base & appreciate the opportunity to provide Lincoln with our timely, quality car washing, cleaning & detailing services.


3800 S. 9th St.
(Highway 2 & Pioneers)

2730 Dan Ave.
(S. of 27th & Superior)

1641 N. 86th St.
(84th & Holdrege)

7355 Crosslake Lane
(56th & Pine Lake) • 402.420.7760

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