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Max D. Larsen was one of the key people involved in developing Gallup, the well-known global analytics and advice firm. He helped with building its infrastructure, staffing, and even created Gallup’s government services division from scratch. He then went on to manage that Gallup office in Washington D.C., consulting government agencies to improve performance. His experience and knowledge makes him a valuable resource for business owners who are looking for direction.

Max D. Larsen and Associates ( supports clients with the following services:

  • Executive Coaching for Improved Organizational Performance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership Training to Address Performance Issues
  • Workforce Planning and Development
  • Fundraising for Non-Profits

Executive Coaching can effectively increase supervisors’ and leaders’ capacity to engage employees for several reasons:

  1. Executive coaching focuses on individual strengths and skills, taking supervisors and leaders from where they are and moving them to a better understanding of their unique situations.
  2. Supervisors and leaders can rehearse with the coach for difficult conversations in preparation for meetings with employees.
  3. Techniques for reducing conflict and having candid conversations with employees about performance can be taught most effectively when preparing for real-life situations.

Strategic Planning is a process through which Max D. Larsen and Associates can help an organization clarify its vision of the future and align its resources to fulfill its mission and accomplish its goals. Strategic Planning can occur at two levels:

  1. For the programs and services provided by the organization.
  2. For the focus of the Board to support the organization’s activities.

Leadership Training integrates three basic concepts for leadership excellence into a comprehensive learning experience for managers and leaders:

  1. Results-Orientation—By focusing on customer needs and performance data, managers and supervisors will learn to monitor timeliness and accuracy in real time so that procedures and processes can be improved and the change sustained.
  2. Communication about Performance—Reinforce a process for positive conversations with employees that respects the employee’s perceptions and opinions, but delivers objective information about performance and supports improvement.
  3. Motivation for Customer Service—Create a climate that produces enthusiasm, commitment, productivity, and high performance that can be sustained through the focus on results and effective communication.

Max D. Larsen and Associates will develop a Workforce Plan, identifying:

  1. The critical knowledge, skills, and competencies needed by staff over the next 5–10 years to ensure that your organization fulfills its mission;
  2. Strategies for future recruitment/hiring and staff training/developmental processes to acquire the knowledge, skills, and competencies that are anticipated.

Max D. Larsen and Associates is associated with Bridge Philanthropic Consulting, a small company that specializes in helping non-profit organizations improve Fundraising efforts. They can bring additional resources to work with your organization’s fundraising efforts by:

  1. Strengthening campaign planning.
  2. Increasing urgency about achieving results.
  3. Provide addition personnel to complete individual asks.
  4. Build capacity within your organization to maintain the level of fundraising.
  5. Obtain resources to address organizational needs.

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