Pro-Tint: Highest Quality Window Tinting in Lincoln for Your Home, Business, & Vehicle

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Pro-Tint ( is Lincoln’s premier source for high-quality window tinting products. Their inventory includes options to guard against glare, fading, impact, and excess heat. Whether you’re the owner of a home, business, or vehicle, Pro-Tint has what you need to protect your investment while increasing your comfort, privacy, and safety. With over 45 years of industry experience, you can count on Pro-Tint to install your window tinting solution with expertise and confidence.

Comfort. Privacy. Safety.

Elegant and Decorative Window Glass Tinting
Decorative Glass Finishes are beautifully engineered and available in over 50 designs. These glass finishes add an interior aesthetic touch while providing privacy and controlling light.

Pro-Tint provides their customers with a customized windowing tinting plan to fit unique needs and budgets. In addition, to ensure the best in customer service and satisfaction, all of Pro-Tint’s auto tinting is backed by warranty. For a free estimate on an industry-leading window tinting solutions in Lincoln, call Pro-Tint!

Solar Control Window Film
Prevent fading and glare
Block heat and harmful UV rays
Add years to the life of your furnishings
Extend the life of your cooling system



Decorative Film
Enhance aesthetic interest
Control privacy around your home or office
Reinforce your brand and generate
More brand impressions



Safety & Security Film
Stop intruders in their tracks
Helps slow/prevent forced entries
Protect against injuries from broken glass

“Best window tint place in town! They are professional, affordable, and have a great staff. Plus, they’re local! My family did four cars with their service, and we are always so satisfied with the work they do!” – Johan K.

“I was told it would take a couple of hours to tint my windows…in an hour they were done! They did a perfect job and were very polite and helpful.” – Chad H.

“A while ago, I needed to get my car windows tinted. I’d heard all these great things about John at Pro Tint and decided to check it out. Right away, I could tell that they had great customer service and that they’d take their time to make sure the job was done quickly and efficiently. I was highly satisfied with the quality of the job and the affordable price. I would clearly recommend Pro-Tint and would recommend that you check them out before going anywhere else—you won’t be disappointed!” – Alyssa P.

2901 N 27th St., Suite A, 68521 | (402) 474-1234 |

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