Mi Tierra Family Restaurant (mitierralincoln.com) has been providing Lincoln delicious, authentic Mexican cuisine since 2018. After they recently opened their second location at 8320 Northwoods Drive, we took the opportunity to try this new restaurant so close to our office!

Jesus Guitron is the chef and is one of the owners of Mi Tierra Mexican Family Restaurant. Jesus was born in Cuautla, Jalisco, Mexico. He grew up in a small town in the highlands of Jalisco.

In 2002, Jesus decided to move to Nebraska, where he worked as a chef at a Mexican restaurant for over ten years. After several years of hard work, Jesus decided to make a second investment with his savings, and in partnership with his cousin and uncle, opened a new Mexican restaurant created with their own ideas and decor. Above all, the most valuable of Mi Tierra’s recipes came from their grandmothers, mother and ancestors which give great value to every dish.

When we got to Mi Tierra, we instantly took note of the beautiful woodwork and carved pieces found on tables, chairs, and booths throughout the restaurant. Despite only recently opening, we were surprised to find the place bustling on a Monday night. The restaurant was super clean with lots of space and a big bar. The wait staff was friendly, helpful and eager to make our experience great!

Mi Tierra has an incredibly extensive menu with amazing choices which makes choosing your meal super difficult. To start, we tried the Mi Tierra Margarita and the Caribbean Margarita. The Mi Tierra Margarita is a restaurant classic with Patron tequila, grand marnier, orange and lime juice over ice. The Caribean Margarita was the perfect blend of mango and strawberry flavors with tajin and lime juice on the rim. These were both super refreshing and smooth, and will be perfect for the sunny summer days yet to come.

While sipping on our drinks, we indulged in the free chips, salsa and bean dip. This was the first time we had seen a restaurant provide free bean dip, and it was super flavorful and different from the refried beans with your meal. There were two different salsas, mild and hot, served alongside fresh chips.

We got to sample a good amount of dishes to really get a handle on the nine-page menu. While this was a Mexican-cuisine lover’s dream, our small team marveled at the huge portions placed in front of us. We’re not kidding when we say huge… Luckily we all love leftovers!

The first highlights were the Ceviche con Camaron and the Quesadilla Flor de Calabaza.

The Ceviche con Camaron was a blend of shrimp, lime, onions, tomatoes, cilantro, avocado and cucumbers. All of the ingredients were perfectly ripe, and we recommend munching on this with some of Mi Tierra’s chips!

The Quesadilla Flor de Calabaza was the vegetarian option we chose. This quesadilla featured battered and fried zucchini flowers, mushrooms, onions, and cheese served with rice, beans and avocado. The flavor of this dish was super interesting and unlike anything we had tried before. The zucchini flowers had a texture similar to shredded mushrooms, but it is definitely something to try for yourself.

We got to try two of the newer Mi Tierra dishes, the Mi Tierra Chimichanga and the Mar y Tierra (Novillo y Camaron). The chimichanga had tender steak, fresh guacamole and pico de gallo, and super flavorful rice. This was definitely a fan-favorite and a must try. The Mar y Tierra (Novillo y Camaron) combined juicy steak and flavorful shrimp both cooked to your liking. We chose the garlic shrimp and it absolutely stole the show of this dish.

To close out this amazing experience, we tried the Fried Ice Cream and the Flan for dessert. The fried ice cream had an amazing crust and the smooth vanilla ice cream was the perfect way to cleanse our pallets after a flavorful meal. The flan had incredible presentation and intoxicating smell that really got us hooked.

Overall, we had a great experience and enjoyed the chatter and lively ambience of the restaurant as the night went on. Mi Tierra is the perfect date night spot to share the big dishes, or to go out with your friends to get a margarita or two!

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