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Smart doesn’t have to mean complicated.

Simply Smart Homes offers products for your home that make your life easier and safer!

“I’ve always been interested in home automation, but I turned it into an official business after helping my grandparents with their home. At the time, my grandpa had a habit of leaving his car running in the garage and my grandma had fallen recently, so I wanted to help them feel more independent in their house by adding some safety features to it. With automatic 911 dialing in the event of a fall, a garage door that opened if it detected a CO2 build-up, and various alarms and devices to prevent a potential break-in, my grandparents were able to stay in their home for a bit longer and feel safe there. It was also important that my grandparents were able to understand the devices. Older generations tend to be intimidated by advanced technology, which is why I wanted to offer a product that was simple to install and use for all ages. Safety and security in your own home shouldn’t be too complicated or expensive to attain.” – Addison

Simply Smart Homes was founded to remove the complexity and cost barriers connected to smart home automation products. A completely automated home used to cost tens of thousands of dollars and was therefore not available to everyone. Simply Smart Homes creates affordable, simple, easy-to-use smart environments for you and your family. Their products include:

  • Security Cameras
  • Smart Locks
  • Garage Door Controllers
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Video Doorbells
  • Window/Door Flood Sensors
  • Smart Thermostats
  • Lighting and Fans
  • Entertainments System Controls
  • Smart Speakers
  • Outlets
  • Smart Sprinkler System Controls

Did you know that with Simply Smart Homes, you don’t have to completely change your entire security system to integrate it with smart home technology?

While they normally set up packaged solutions for homes, Simply Smart Homes is also available for installation of pre-bought, smart devices in your home. They can replace your current panels and sensors quickly and easily! This way, you can actually own the equipment while still using your security provider, and you can control and monitor them from your smart phone or tablet.

A large part of any practical smart home consists of the behind-the-scenes work that keeps everything running while you’re away. Simply Smart Homes makes sure your home does the work by creating schedules and processes that start without you even lifting a finger. Things such as locking all the doors each night at a certain time, turning off lights in unoccupied rooms, lowering temperatures while you are away to save money, and much more.

Addison Collingsworth is the founder and owner of Simply Smart Homes in Lincoln. Whether your unique needs entail better security, higher efficiency, or adding entertainment with things like wireless audio and creative lighting, Addison’s goal is to provide you with smart devices that bring convenience and simplicity to your life. He is also currently working with residential clients on home Wi-Fi improvements to eliminate dead spots.

A solid internet connection is the basis for all home automation, as well as most entertainment and work done at home. As part of Simply Smart Homes’ services, they look to maximize the effectiveness of your home network so you can always be connected with great speeds no matter what room you are in. Simply Smart Homes uses the latest wireless technology to give you access to the newest networking standards and deliver the best possible coverage.
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