Tipsy Tina’s Taco Cantina – Heating up the Haymarket with Tacos & Tequila

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Delicious street tacos, addictive chips and dip options, festive cocktails, over 140 types of tequila…is it getting hot in here or is just Tipsy Tina’s Taco Cantina ( in the Haymarket? When downtown Lincoln’s newest bar FINALLY opened its doors, we didn’t waste any time.

Walking in to Tipsy Tina’s for the first time, we noted the lively, laid-back atmosphere, exposed brick and colorful accent walls, and more than 10 large TVs playing sports and other popular channels. The bar itself is positioned in the middle of the restaurant with a variety of seating options around it, catering to families that prefer booths, bigger groups looking for a high-top tables, and couples just needing a table for two. There are also bar stools for a nice front-row view of all of the authentic Mexican tequila, mezcal, rum, liquor, wines, local and imported craft beers, and friendly bartenders crafting up their irresistible selection of Mexican-inspired cocktails. Tipsy Tina’s even offers outdoor seating on their wrap-around patio—which will be coveted spots come Husker game day in a normal year.

We started off with the Shillingbridge lime and strawberry winearitas, which can be found under Drafts on the menu—our eyes widened when we came face to face with two bowls of bright green and pink white wine and tequila mixers, on the rocks, in glasses dusted with sugar. They were delicious. A popular drink for the spicy lovers out there is the Michelada. The Worcestershire gives it a nice kick and the Tipsy Tina’s Mexican Lager (made specially by Lazy Horse Vineyard and Brewing) smoothes out the taste. Want something sweet? The Shortcake is dessert in a cocktail. Want something warm and cozy and served in the most Instagramable mug? The Cinnabean will put you right into snuggle mode. Want something that will get you moving? The citrusy Paloma or the strong, bright blue Mezcalita will wow you right onto your feet! There really is something for every Tina out there looking to get a little tipsy, not to mention the classic margarita which you can order in a HUGE glass chalice for $10—it could last you all evening. “I only had one drink tonight, I swear!”

The cocktails whetted our appetite, so we were ready to dig into the street tacos. First, we nibbled on some nicely battered and fried Elote Bites—warm and delicately crisp on the outside with a treasure trove of chewy sweet corn and chilies on the inside. We dipped them in their house chipotle ranch and queso sauce—perfection. Then we treated ourselves to some addictive chips and dip options such as chorizo-topped queso, mango habanera salsa, and the cream cheese bean dip. From the taco menu, we tried the Shrimp, Buffalo Chicken, Barbacoa, Carne Asada, Carnitas, Al Pastor, Fish, and vegan Sweet Potato tacos. Hard to pick a favorite since they were all yummy, but the Buffalo Chicken and Shrimp get our best reviews. What set both of these over the edge was the mild jalapeño slaw that brought so much flavor into the mix. The Sweet Potato one took us by surprise as well. Much better than we could have guessed it to be. Tipsy Tina’s menu also boasts a couple breakfast items and filling salad options with a selection of six different dressings, all of which are made from scratch in-house.

Tipsy Tina’s Taco Cantina in the Haymarket is where you go when you want to take shots with friends and sip on a good cocktail or margarita, while nibbling on street tacos or chips so you don’t end up on the floor like the saying goes…one tequila, two tequila, three tequila…140 tequilas?! You get it.

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