Creating a Deeper Emotional Connection with Print Media


Creating a Deeper Emotional Connection with Print Media

Today, we live in a world where every 60 seconds there are one million Facebook log-ins, 3.8 million online searches, and 188 million emails sent. The rhythm of our time period is the fast paced tapping and clacking on smart phones around the world. Attention spans seem to be nonexistent as people make snap decisions about their opinions now more than ever.

So, how in the world are you going to get your business noticed and in a positive way? You might only have one chance to make a lasting connection through your marketing efforts, which is why physical media is the best option to cement the name of your brand into a person’s mind in this era of short-termism.

According to Diana Lucaci, founder and CEO of the neuroscience research firm True Impact, it takes approximately 0.3 seconds to form an emotional connection through a first impression. Here at Strictly Business, we offer our advertisers various forms of free value-added editorial so that they have a greater chance of making a strong first impression. The content we create and publish for our clients takes their message beyond the ad.

“First impression is key for determining what will enter awareness and evaluation judgment. Within a fraction of a second, the brain decides whether or not to act,” Lucaci says. “If you’re trying to create a message that’s going to be loved in that first second, you need to understand how the brain works: how to elicit that emotion from the get go. The advantage of physical media, and particularly print media, is that it helps increase memorability for a brand.”

When consumers see you and your team’s faces on the front of the cover, they immediately make a connection that brings humanity back into your advertising. You can’t get that from an email, and Lucaci agrees with us: “If you’re sending out an email, your audience may see the headline and swipe to delete it. But as soon as something arrives in the mail or you hold it in your hands, the physical quality of the piece conveys a message and together with the design, it renders it more likely to be encoded into memory. Direct mail is far more persuasive than digital media alone, with 20% more motivation response.”

Do you want your ad to be a part of the 188 million emails sent out daily? Or one of the thousands of Facebook advertisements surrounded by fake news that people just want to scroll past as quickly as possible? Or would you rather be among the 100–200 ads in Strictly Business, placed among a variety of credible news pieces and relevant editorial contact?

In order to stand out, you need to show your consumers that you are real, reachable, and active in the local community. Through press releases, feature stories, and spotlights, we share the accomplishments of local businesses and organizations with our local readership. This allows them to build an emotional connection with you and your business’ overall brand, mission, and growth.

Every brand should care about creating an emotional connection with consumers, and in that context, print is a crucial part of the marketing mix.

The strength of Strictly Business is that it is reliable. We don’t try to analyze and spy on our readers to gauge their interests or force their view on an advertisement for a certain amount of time like most digital marketing strategies. We simply showcase our clients by telling their story, and that’s why we are such a trusted news source and effective advertising tool.

Let Strictly Business help you lock in your status as THE EXPERT in your industry, utilizing print, the internet, and social media. Find out how by contacting Paige at (402) 466-3330.