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Star City Six – Dustin Bauer

Celebrating 50 years in 2018, West Gate Bank (westgate.bank) is a locally owned and operated, full-service community bank with seven Lincoln locations. Dustin Bauer is a commercial lender at West Gate Bank.

Tell us a little about your role at West Gate Bank.

I work mainly with financing commercial real estate and commercial business loans. I’ve been in banking for 14 years and with West Gate Bank for the past 8 years. West Gate Bank is a relationship-driven bank with a strong focus on trust and customer needs. We’re committed to the success of our clients and invested in their financial wellbeing.

How did you get started in the business?

I interned at D.A. Davidson my last two years of college and started in banking when I graduated from UNL in 2004.

Tell us a little about your family.

My wife Kiley and I have been married for almost two years. We have two great kids, Lilly (5) and Lucas (8 mos.). Right now we are building a new house that we will be moving into in the summer of 2018.

What do you see as one of the biggest turning points in your life?

Three important dates come to mind in the order they happened. All three were life-changing events that helped get me to where I am today, both in my personal life and in my career. 1. 6/24/10 – The day I started working at West Gate Bank. 2. 8/9/14 – The day I met my wife. 3. 6/29/17 – The day my son Lucas was born.

What is your favorite thing to do on a day off?

Golfing, working out, and spending time with my family and two dogs, Romey and Lucy.

What is the most unique or interesting thing about you that most people probably don’t know?

I got to sing with Kid Rock and have a margarita with Jim Rome both in the same night.

What are you the most proud of?

My family, my friends, working for West Gate Bank and being from Lincoln, NE.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Tough times don’t last, tough people do.

If you could choose only one descriptive word to be remembered as, what would it be?


If you could choose any other profession to be successful in, what would it be?

Professional golfer.

What local non-profit organization(s) are you passionate about or involved with, and are there any special reasons why?

I serve on the board of directors for the Capital Humane Society. I have always been a dog owner and enjoyed being around animals my whole life.

What is your favorite book or the last good book you read?

Trump: The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump and Tony Schwartz.

What is your favorite movie?

The Wolf of Wall Street.

What is your favorite TV show?

Anything on the Golf Channel or Fox News and I also enjoy WWE.

What is your favorite local restaurant?


If you could have dinner with one famous person from the past or present, who would it be?

Kid Rock.

If our readers would like to contact you, how should they do so?

My direct line at West Gate Bank is (402) 323-8971 or I can be contacted via email at dbauer@westgate.bank. My office is located in the West Gate Bank Center at 60th & Old Cheney Road. Our website is westgate.bank.


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