As the heart of the Midwest, Lincoln stands proudly as a city steeped in history and vibrant growth. From its humble beginnings as a small village to its evolution into Nebraska’s capital and a thriving urban center, Lincoln’s unique character is something to be proud of.

Construction is a fascinating industry that involves the planning, designing and building of structures. It encompasses various sectors such as residential, commercial and infrastructure – all of which are important for the growth of Lincoln. From skyscrapers to bridges, construction plays a crucial role in shaping our cities and improving our quality of life. It requires skilled professionals, including architects, engineers and construction workers, who work together to bring projects to life.

With a mixture of historical landmarks, modern masterpieces and innovative urban planning, Lincoln has become a tapestry of design and ingenuity. Throughout its growth, Lincoln has embraced architectural styles that reflect the different eras it has witnessed. From the imposing grandeur of its state capitol to the charming facades of its residential neighborhoods, it is amazing how much our city has changed.

Lincoln is continually underatking projects geared towards enhancing the city’s infrastructure as well as creating new recreational spaces and supporting education and research. We cannot wait to see what the future holds as construction projects continue to target community values.

It’s always exciting to see the transformation taking place and the positive impact it has on our community. The people who have shaped, and continue to shape, this vibrant community deserve to be recognized. So, what has everyone been up to?

Connor Paul
Lincoln Demolition & Excavation

Lincoln Demolition & Excavation

At Lincoln Demolition & Excavation (, they are happy to be part of the Lincoln community. They strive to help Lincoln grow by ensuring safe, efficient and quality services are provided for both residential and commercial projects. They see Lincoln continuing to grow and prosper largely due to the hard work and dedication of all of our local industries who continue to support each other, even during difficult times.

Having recently finished an exciting at-home swim spa project, which included excavation, concrete installation, retaining walls and soil grading, Lincoln Demolition & Excavation couldn’t be happier with the results. Their customers said that they were by far the most professional contractors they have worked with over the years, as they were respectful, detail oriented and communicative.

“We always do our best to ensure our customers have an enjoyable project experience, and you can’t wipe the smiles off our faces when we receive positive feedback,” stated Foreman Connor Paul.

Moving forward, Lincoln Demolition & Excavation is receiving a large increase in requests for in-ground pool demolition and backfill. They have also been receiving a lot of attention from general contractors for their interior demolition services. Currently, they are working on the preliminary project management details for interior demolition and concrete removal as part of a commercial space renovation near 40th and Yankee Hill. They’re also in project management stages for a pool surround project near Crete, NE, which will include grading, backfill of soil, concrete installation, drain systems, drainage solutions and retaining walls.

Darin Cielocha
Farris Engineering

Farris Engineering

The physical growth of Lincoln isn’t possible without a design professional firm like Farris Engineering ( – there are a lot of great companies behind the scenes helping Lincoln grow as efficiently and effectively as possible.

As new construction slows, the focus on remodeling and renovation grows. “Lincoln is maintaining the level of business and social function it is currently at, but is also continuing to develop and grow,” said Business Development Executive Darin Cielocha. “Everyone is looking to first maintain what they already have, and then create efficiencies and upgrades within existing facilities.”

Currently, Farris Engineering is working on mechanical and life-safety upgrades at the University of Nebraska Lincoln (UNL), assisting with the renovation of Andrews Hall. The University of Nebraska also has multiple other renovation and remodeling going on at all their Nebraska campuses.

Other projects include collaboration with private contractors on remodeling facilities throughout Lincoln and Lancaster County. As a MEP Engineering company, one of the services Farris Engineering engages in for its clients is making sure mechanical and electrical systems are designed properly for repurposed spaces so that they can support new equipment systems appropriately and efficiently. Their design layouts help ensure that the facility remains within a temperature and humidity range suitable for machinery to operate. Working with building owners and contractors to determine how to maximize and maintain machine productivity, Farris Engineering continually utilizes surveys and new research for additional upgrades.

Especially with older buildings, repurposing a space can be complicated. The older a building is, the more tune-ups it will need to be fully operational. Though expensive, repurposing unused buildings is a great way for Lincoln to utilize space and be sustainable in its overall approach to also maintaining Lincoln’s historical buildings.

“We’ve come a long way on how we light-up rooms and control a building’s heating and cooling systems, but there is still room for improvement on implementing ideal mechanical and electrical systems.”

Bo Jones
Tru-Built Construction

Tru-Built Construction

Working on several larger long-term projects as well as 15-20 other projects at a time, Tru-Built Construction ( has been a consistent contributor in the growth and development of Lincoln.

Though the growth and development of Lincoln isn’t predicted to slow anytime soon, there are obstacles preventing rapid change in the near future. “Moving forward, the demand for construction will remain high, but overall project cost and financing options will prevent some projects from moving forward,” shared Owner Bo Jones.

Tru-Built has been keeping busy with projects of all sizes such as new construction and remodeling of apartments, offices, facilities and custom homes. Tru-Built is also currently working on the construction of a large multi-family complex in Lincoln which is expected to continue for three more years.

Another major project Tru-Built is currently working on includes creating tourist attractions in Red Cloud, Nebraska, for the Willa Cather Foundation, named after an American writer whose novels target life on the Great Plains. The project is predicted to last another year, in which they will have completed the remodel of the Cather childhood home, the historical Garber Bank building, the Burlington Depot Train Station, the Willa Cather Museum and numerous other landmarks. The Museum, Burlington Depot Train Station and the Cather childhood home are currently open for tours. In the future, tourists will be able to stay in a three-story hotel attached to the Garber Bank while they enjoy a few days learning about the history of Willa Cather and the community of Red Cloud.

Jen Cowher Kingery Construction

Kingery Construction

Kingery Construction ( is noticing that with persistent inflation, supply chain challenges and a labor shortage currently shaping the construction landscape, the utilization of prefabrication and metal building construction methods are a continued notable trend in the construction industry.

Despite the challenges with construction, Lincoln is a dynamic and vibrant community ready for remarkable progress. Lincoln will continue to experience expansion and growth, both in terms of business ventures and community spaces. The landscape is ready for change, and Kingery Construction’s role as a builder aligns perfectly with the energy and potential that define Lincoln’s exciting future.

“As the Director of Construction, I am dedicated to orchestrating the synergy of vision, strategy and execution. With every project we translate into reality, we strengthen the pillars of progress, ensuring they stand as testaments to our commitment to quality, sustainability and unmatched craftsmanship. Together, we lay the groundwork for a future built on the ideals of integrity, collaboration and transformative construction,” shared Jen Cowher.

Kingery Construction is excited to share that their current workload includes a variety of projects, such as multiple tenant finishes and the final stages of the Lefler Middle School project that are coming together seamlessly. Simultaneously, they’re dedicated to the Fallbrook YMCA, AAA’s new office location and Primary Care Partners office renovation.

Coming up for Kingery Construction is the Sydney Rest Stop project, bringing innovation and convenience back to an area that has been void of a rest area for some time. Additionally, they’re gearing up for the start of the Bristol Windows office and Warehouse project, along with the Four Corners Medical Office Renovation in York.

Lincoln has experienced significant growth over the years, and will continue to experience steady growth. Whether in the form of new construction or repurposed construction, the opportunities in Lincoln continue to make it a vibrant city. This growth has brought many opportunities to the community, and will continue to benefit the community in the coming years.

New construction, though slowing, offers the opportunity to create something fresh and tailored to a desired purpose. From the initial planning and design stages to the final construction and finishing touches, it’s a journey that brings ideas to life.

Repurposed construction, increasing in popularity, involves taking existing structures or materials and transforming them for new uses. It’s a sustainable and creative approach that reduces waste and gives new life to old buildings and materials. Repurposing buildings is a great way to add character and uniqueness to a project that will solve a problem, while aslo being environmentally conscioius.

The skilled professionals of Lincoln have been working hard to make our city amazing, and they are doing a great job of bettering our community. Let’s give all the local Lincoln businesses that make this possible a big pat on the back – they deserve it!