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Connecting With Your Health Benefits

You are at the doctor’s office and realize you forgot your insurance card again, what do you do? If you’ve downloaded your carrier’s member app, just open that.

Insurance carriers are making it easier than ever before to connect with your health benefits. Simply download your carrier’s member app and you can find personalized insurance plan information anytime, anywhere. The apps allow you to view your ID card, search for doctors, check prescription and procedure costs and much more.

The mobile ID card is a wonderful fit for those who have a hard time keeping track of their ID card. Even if the ID card is lost, rarely is someone without their phone. This feature can be especially helpful with older children who are out of the house, and possibly in another state, but still on the family health plan.

Another great on-the-go feature is the prescription cost look up. This will be loaded with the benefits on your health plan. No longer will you have the surprise of a very expensive prescription at the pharmacy. Now you can pull up the app while you are meeting with your doctor and work together to find a medication that fits your medical & budgetary needs. Oftentimes, if a prescription is too expensive the insured won’t fill it, even if it’s needed. Doctors understand the high cost of prescriptions and having an informed conversation up front saves you time and protects your health.

We need to become educated consumers regarding our medical choices. With high deductibles, escalating premiums, more medications on the market and increasing options of how and where to be treated; we must advocate for ourselves. That’s the best way to be assured of quality care and manage your medical costs.

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