Haymarket Hotspots: Welcome the Lincoln Haymakers


There is a new team in town. Downtown Lincoln is proud to welcome back indoor football this spring with the Lincoln Haymakers. We spoke with Tyson Billings, Haymakers’ Assistant General Manager and Director of Marketing & Sales, to find out the team’s ins and outs.

Why did the franchise decide to bring indoor football back to Lincoln after the Capitals left in 2005?

Lincoln is an outstanding community with a passionate love for football. We felt the community deserves a top tier organization… built to stay in the community long term. The Haymakers is a new, separate organization established in Lincoln by Nebraskans to fill the void in the spring for football fans and we look forward to providing entertainment as well as role models in the community.

How did you decide on the name the Haymakers?
We tossed around several ideas but the Haymakers name just made the most sense. With Nebraska being a strong agricultural state, the team wanted to pick a name that matched the tough qualities Nebraskans share. The Haymaker is known as a knockout punch in boxing which fits with our team’s tough mentality and since we are based out of Lincoln’s historic Haymarket, the name just makes sense.

Speaking of that, what will a Haymaker mascot look like?
We do have a mascot right now but I can’t tell you what it will look like. It is going to be one of the surprises we look forward to showcasing in front of our fans at games this spring!

Can you explain indoor football a little bit? What can fans going to games expect? Any key differences from football people are used to seeing?
Indoor football is more like outdoor football than people often think. Some differences are the game is played on a 50 yard field as wide as a hockey rink with 4 foot padded walls right against the sideline. The field goal is 10 feet wide and 10 feet off the ground. Each team has eight players on the field with a roster total of 30. Punting is illegal and more than one player can be in motion at the same time before the snap. The games are known to be high scoring with diving catches and bone crushing tackles.

Tell me a little about the roster?  I see you brought back some former Huskers.
We are putting together a really solid roster for this year looking to build a team that could potentially compete for league championships. I know our coaches are really excited about the competition between players fighting to make the 30 man roster. We have several former Huskers like Marlon Lucky and Cory Ross, as well as other top notch players from the area. Our league is unique in the fact that we have a recruiting radius mandating 25 of our 30 man roster has to have ties to the Nebraska area which is great for local fans. These guys on the field will be in the community and they understand the importance and tradition of football in our state.

Where can fans go to get more information on the team?
For more information fans can check out www.lincolnhaymakers.com and by liking our Facebook page or following us on Twitter @HaymakersFB. As always fans can stop in our team offices or call 402-435-0411 for more information.

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