Smoking Gun Opens Jerky Shack North in Lincoln, Nebraska


Smoking Gun Jerky & Marinade is pleased to announce they recently opened the Jerky Shack North, located just off 27th and Superior Street behind Carlos O’Kelly’s.  This is the second drive-thru location for Smoking Jerky. They also have a south Jerky Shack on 56th and Old Cheney as well as their main store on 48th and R Streets where their fresh jerky is made and delivered each morning to the drive thru locations.

Smoking Gun offers beef, pork and turkey jerky that are all made with the freshest meats available and NO additives or processing chemicals.  Bison and elk jerky are also available throughout the year as these meats become available.  If you make your own jerky at home from wild game or any domestic meat, try Smoking Gun Jerky Marinade, which is the secret behind low-sodium jerky!  A recipe guide with over 25 flavors and heat levels is FREE with your marinade purchase.

The North store phone number is (402) 435-7456, South store is (402) 423-7457 or call the main store to order with pick up at any location at (402) 437-6315.

For more information about Smoking Gun Jerky & Marinade, email or visit the website at