Nebraska Community Blood Bank Establishes New Sickle Cell Donor Program

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Nebraska Community Blood Bank Establishes New Sickle Cell Donor Program

As we celebrate Black History Month, Nebraska Community Blood Bank ( recognizes the achievements of Yvette Fay Francis-McBarnette, a pioneer in treating sickle cell anemia. She devoted her career to treating children suffering from sickle cell disease and her many accomplishments were instrumental in the development of sickle cell treatment.

In the U.S., one in 500 African American children and one in 1,000 to 1,400 Latino children are born with sickle cell disease. Blood transfusions can often be the only relief from frequent episodes of pain and complications related to the disease.

As we take time this February to recognize the African American leaders of yesterday and today, Nebraska Community Blood Bank asks businesses to empower their employees to step up and make a change in a child’s life through blood donations. Your blood type might be the right type if you are of African, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Asian, Indian or Mediterranean descent. The Sickle Cell Donor Program uses an extensive blood typing process to screen donors and match their blood to patients in need.

Nebraska Community Blood Bank supplies lifesaving blood to healthcare facilities in six counties throughout Nebraska and has been committed to connecting people and saving lives since 1968. If you are interested in learning more, please visit