UnitedHealthcare’s “Solutions for Caregivers” Provides Resources to Help Nebraskans


UnitedHealthcare’s “Solutions for Caregivers” Provides Resources to Help Nebraskans

UnitedHealthcare (www.uhc.com) has expanded availability of Solutions for Caregivers, a program for employers that features in-person, telephonic and online resources designed to help caregivers save money and more effectively provide assistance to the people they support.

Nebraska is one of the first states in the nation where the program is now available to employers of all sizes with either self-funded or fully insured health benefit plans.

Nearly 34 million people nationwide provide unpaid care to a loved one 50 or older, according to the National Alliance for Caregiving. Many caregivers would benefit from relevant resources that can help them provide the best care possible, but they often don’t know where to start.

To help caregivers get started and access valuable resources, Solutions for Caregivers is available to all Nebraska employers at no additional charge for employees to use the online services. The program offers various resources for caregivers, aging or disabled Americans, and their health care providers, including helpful information, a marketplace, and available support services.

A number of large employers have already introduced the program to their employees when it was available as a pilot initiative, encouraging their workforces to take advantage of the available resources.

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