TeamMates Seeking Businesses to Help Build a Better Lincoln

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TeamMates Seeking Businesses to Help Build a Better Lincoln

Joining the most prominent businesses in Lincoln who support the TeamMates Mentoring Program ( can help to foster greater satisfaction among your employees and encourage more residents to do business with your company!

Lincoln TeamMates are in schools in every corner of the city, making a big difference with relatively little time each week. Companies like yours can have a dramatic impact on the lives of students and in our community.  However, those schools need nearby businesses who support The Program to make it a success.  Without mentors, there is no mentoring program.  Your employees could be the mentors these students need to reach their full potential!

If you wonder how much impact you could have by giving your employees the ability to take an hour a week to mentor a student at a nearby school, consider this:  There are over 1,200 volunteers mentoring in Lincoln schools every week, but hundreds more students who want the benefits of a mentor to help them reach their full potential.

Think of it as investing an hour a week toward your business’ future prosperity.  People want to do business with and work for companies that demonstrate care for the community.  How better to show you care than by investing in our community’s students?  Aside from showing care to customers and employees, the impact of your community investment may also result in a stronger hiring pool for the future.  It’s a win-win-win.

Look around you, down the block, across the street, within a few miles there is a school with students waiting for mentors.  You could help ensure those waiting students find a TeamMate and give your employees a chance to give back and grow.  Please consider joining the team of businesses already positively impacting our schools and community!

If you are interested in collaborating with a school, go to or call (402) 436-1990.