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Find Your Inspiration at Sutter Place Interiors

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Established in 1973, Sutter Place Interiors ( is Lincoln’s premier interior design provider. Now under the ownership of Rick and Marcia Willet, who also own and operate Willet Construction, the combination of complementary offerings has elevated what both firms are able to create for clients.

The professionals at Sutter Place Interiors will bring your vision to life by working closely with you to deliver your unique requirements and desires. With a detailed showroom, vast inventory, extensive experience, and a forthright approach, Sutter Place Interiors is a trusted resource and one-stop shop for any and all of your interior design needs.

Photo - Sutter Place InteriorsDelivering only the very best service and results, Sutter Place Interiors offers the following services:

  • Space and/or Lighting Planning
  • Bath & Kitchen Renovations
  • Furniture Selection and/or Custom-Designed Pieces, Layout & Arrangement
  • Selection of Palette, Paint, Fixtures, Flooring, Finishes, Materials, Fabrics, Etc.
  • Fabrication of Custom Window Treatments, Upholstery, and Bedding
  • Millwork/Custom Cabinetry Design
  • Fine Art Curation & Specification
  • Accessory Selection & Placement, Tabletop Design
  • Purchasing, Order Tracking, and Delivery Coordination
  • Construction Coordination, Vendor Management, and Site Inspections
Photo - Sutter Place Interiors - Rick and Marcia Willet

Owners Rick & Marcia Willet

“At Sutter Place Interiors we believe that everyone should have access to beautiful, high-quality pieces for their home. At our store, we carry only the brands that we trust and recommend based on years of experience, held to the highest industry standards.

Our clients place their confidence in us because we are direct, honest and open. We listen to their wishes, but also know when to push the envelope. We give their homes personality, not by filling them up with stuff but by selecting signature pieces and guiding the process by helping to narrow the focus.”

– Rick Willet, Owner

Most of us have, at minimum, a vague notion of what our dream home or professional environment should look like. However, few of us have the vision and experience to align those expectations with reality. At Sutter Place Interiors, you’ll have access to the resources, skills and passion of a team that’s dedicated to bringing your dreams to life. These are talented professionals who understand that style and taste are unique to every individual. Whether your home decorating motif is contemporary or traditional, whether your taste reflects simplicity or eccentricity, or whether your preference is for American, European, Asian, African, or Latin American influences, rest assured that the designers at Sutter Place Interiors can create a look consistent with your personal style.

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