Talent Plus Celebrates 25th Anniversary in Lincoln, Nebraska

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Twenty-five years ago three people sat on a porch and dreamed about what it would be like to start a company that was a compelling place for associates to work, a compelling place for clients to do business and a compelling citizen to have in any community. These three people, Doug and Kimberly Rath and Sandy Maxwell, called Dr. William E. Hall, a pioneer of positive psychology, and said, “Let’s go into business together.”


L-R: Doug Rath, Sandy Maxwell & Kimberly Rath — Founders of Talent Plus

Their dream is now a global reality. The company, Talent Plus, has become a human resources consulting company like no other in the world. Whereas most companies study success at a minimum competency, Talent Plus focuses on studying the very best and brightest and how to hire more like the best. The Lincoln-based headquarters swarms with world-class research scientists, linguists, analysts and technicians all bringing together talented teams that help client partner organizations grow.

The award-winning culture was recognized in 2014, as Talent Plus was named #2 Great Place to Work in the United States for Small and Medium Sized Companies. As the company has grown it continually evolves based on a CultureView® survey taken annually by all associates. The bottom line? “Let’s have some fun, make some money and leave some big footprints,” said Doug Rath.

Clients use Talent Plus interviews and assessments in over 20 different languages worldwide and know the value of using The Science of Talent®. Working with first-class clients across industries like the Shangri-La International Hotel Management Ltd., Mercedes-Benz, UCLA Medical Center and Estée Lauder Companies, research shows results in profitability, lower turnover rates, increased customer and patient satisfaction, and strengthened employee engagement at every turn.

Talent Plus scientifically identifies with great accuracy whether or not an individual will be able to perform specific tasks needed for a job role and whether or not they will enjoy it. The premise is simple, but the science behind it is sophisticated.


Talent Plus Headquarters — Lincoln, Nebraska

Now celebrating its silver anniversary, Talent Plus has been helping people find jobs they love and companies experience incredible growth based on over 60 years of science. When companies put resources behind finding the right talent for their company, they show a dedication to longevity for their organization that many companies miss. When you bring talented individuals on board, you have a built in succession plan. You can allow those who rise to the top to take on more responsibility with an eye toward the future.

Talent Plus is also largely about giving back and being a compelling citizen in the community. To celebrate the 25th anniversary, they recently awarded a $25,000 gift to City Impact, a local organization focused on helping at-risk youth and families to become leaders by learning about their strengths. Out of over 150 applicants, associates ultimately chose to partner with City Impact noting their mission as one the company heavily identifies with. “Our founding principles seem to align so well. We often talk about the ripple effect where if you impact one life, you ultimately impact every life they in turn touch. Talent Plus is all about impacting lives for the better. When people can identify what they are naturally good at and are encouraged to use those talents to benefit not only themselves but also their organizations, the impact is palpable and helps everyone grow,” Kimberly Rath said.


City Impact receives the $25,000 Significance Award

City Impact’s logo is a ripple, played out every day as they strive to bring hope to youth, their families and the entire Lincoln community. As they continue a capital campaign to build their first permanent home, it’s encouraging to come alongside another organization striving to make a significant impact as they grow. With this gift, Talent Plus is excited about a partnership that will prove dividends well into the next twenty-five years. And for a company that has beyond outgrown the back porch to become a global powerhouse in talent selection and development, according to Sandy Maxwell, “Very simply, it’s what we were meant to do.”

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