Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Lincoln, NE – 2018


Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Lincoln, NE – 2018

As Charles M. Schulz, most famous for his endearing comic strip Peanuts, famously said, “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, when we will be celebrating the love we share with the most important people in our lives, treating them with something special is a must! If you haven’t yet found the perfect gift or date idea, which let’s be honest is a lot of us (unless you’re reading this after February 14th of course), we’ve put together a few quick and easy yet thoughtful and enjoyable ideas to consider.

To complement the customary sweets, a nice meal shared with the one you love is a popular way to enjoy one another’s company on Valentine’s Day. As we all know, restaurants are a hot spot on this day of the year, and there are plenty of wonderful ones in Lincoln to consider. However, if you can’t get a reservation at your favorite place and you’re looking for a great alternative to dealing with the crowds, consider a night in. You could opt to pick up a nice bottle of wine to pair with the necessities for a dinner you’ll be cooking yourself or together, or even with something as simple as a nice nosh board to enjoy while you cozy up to one another. Aside from that, a few special touches to set the mood go a long way. Whether your style is extravagant or minimalist, making the person you love feel special is what counts.

Next up after planning the date is snagging the gift! With so many unique items to choose from, local boutiques, gift shops, and specialty retailers are all excellent places to find a special gift for that special someone. Whether it’s a “treat yourself” gift card or you’re dedicated to finding the perfect gift, you can’t go wrong! Since the majority of us are proud of our Nebraska roots and avid Husker fans, you might find that a gift basket courtesy of From Nebraska Gift Shop does the trick nicely. These can be customized or are also ready for you to pick up and gift. Since just like back in grade school it’s common to have multiple Valentines who aren’t people with whom you share a romantic relationship – your parents, grandparents, children, or friends – you may be looking for cute, fun gifts as opposed to anything of a sexy or lovey-dovey nature.

If you really want to go the extra mile, consider putting together an outfit for your partner to wear out on your Valentine’s Day date. It’s hard to beat that paired with a surprise note to get dressed and be ready for an amazing evening. Or, go all out and treat them to a beauty day, with a trip to the salon and spa beforehand. Odds are in your favor that you’ll win Valentine’s Day with such a swoon-worthy gesture.

Finally, a gift could also be a date. Is there something this person has always wanted to do or is his or her absolute favorite thing to do? Why not share that moment together and surprise them with the arrangements already made. It’s the ultimate “two-fer.” This could be anything, from adventure to relaxation. You could take a trip to a far-off destination or plan a day trip such as heading out to James Arthur Vineyards for a cozy wine-tasting with a winter backdrop or once spring fever arrives. From skydiving to couples massage, there’s quite the range with this option.

Valentine’s Day calls for gifts from the heart, so no matter what you pick for your sweetheart or how you celebrate together, as long as it’s thoughtful you’ve already nailed it! However, if you’re not feeling very creative this year or if life is just too crazy at the moment, put your local resources to work for you because they always have fantastic recommendations to offer.