Ready to finally tackle that much-needed home improvement project you’ve been dreading to actually do? Or, maybe you really love these projects, and are the type of person who starts one as soon as the idea pops into your head – and now you have remodeling happening in every room of the house. Regardless of how you feel about taking on remodeling, it’s always best to have some expert advice and helping hands just around the corner. The Lincoln area has a wonderful network of residential remodeling professionals in all aspects – electrical, flooring, cabinetry, painting, and more, as well as exterior features such as roofing and landscaping. We are confident that the professionals on these next few pages will deliver to you outstanding and quality service and results.

Picking out the Details

The tile and stone that you select to implement into your dream home can really make a difference in how well all of the elements of the house are tied together. From kitchen backsplash to entryway flooring to the shower walls, tile and stone are some of the most important details you’ll pick out when building. For these needs, we recommend Maven Tile & Stone (, a new tile design studio that recently opened in June.

Lizett Nissenson
Maven Tile & Stone

“We strive to help you pick the best product that will meet the needs and goals of your family’s home,” shared Owner Lizett Nissenson. “We are here to make your process easier, which includes answering the technical questions and doing walk-throughs on projects during non-business hours. Plus, clients that purchase through us are offered my tile design services at no charge.”

The hands-on tile design studio has samples available in their showroom and design center for homeowners who want to get ideas and advice for their remodel.

Merritt Concrete, Fireplace & Stone ( carries a variety of products that can help transform your house from the outside in. From adding landscaping rock or mulch around the house, to pouring ready-mix concrete for pathways and patios, to adding a fireplace to your home or upgrading an existing one, Merritt can play a crucial role in your remodeling process.

Morgan Drommond
Merritt Concrete, Fireplace & Stone

“We recently completed a project in which we replaced outdated tile from a fireplace with our natural stone veneers,” shared Morgan Drommond, fireplace sales manager. “The stone was placed from the floor to the ceiling, adding more depth to the room and creating a beautiful focal point. Natural stone veneer is great for both the interior and exterior of your home.”

With summer in full swing, Merritt has been seeing many customers coming in to update their backyards to create an additional space to spend quality time. Popular projects include extending patios and adding an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Customers have been taking full advantage of Merritt’s offerings, which include ready-mix concrete that’s great for patio additions or creating stepping stones, as well as landscaping materials such as river rock or mulch. Some customers have even been going to Merritt for backyard entertainment, using their sand for above-ground pools or sand boxes.

Morgan shared that the team at Merritt loves to see inspiration photos from customers that stop by. They’ll work to give you what is needed to match your vision. She also advised those who are about to begin a project to remember that online photos are often filtered and edited to draw more attention, and that even with the same exact design/color, it will look different in your own, unique space.

“It’s becoming very popular for homeowners to bring different textures into a space,” said Morgan. “Adding texture such as stone can really transform your room. It can bring dimension to a plain wall and really make it pop. Natural stone can be used in all areas of your home, from fireplaces, kitchen backsplash, an accent wall – the options are endless.”

A New Kitchen in One Day!

Are you ready to create the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams? Kitchen Tune-Up ( specializes in one to five day kitchen and bath projects. They offer five different ways to update your kitchen within various investment levels. Their services include the original tune-up, in which your existing wood cabinets are restored in an easy process that typically takes one day; cabinet re-dooring; cabinet painting; cabinet re-facing; and custom cabinets.

Jason Krueger
Kitchen Tune-Up

“It’s been popular lately to see two-tone kitchens, such as white and gray, or white with blue or green,” shared Jason Krueger, owner. “Aging in place options, such as drawers and slide-outs, have also been a hot commodity.”

Jason encourages remodelers to work with someone like Kitchen Tune-Up who will give you many ideas, as well as a free estimate and a thorough explanation of how the whole process will work. They’ll keep you in the loop during the entire journey.

“We always try to make sure that our customer will have their kitchen back to them by the evening so that they can cook dinner, do the dishes – just get back into their normal routine,” shared Jason. “We work to minimize the impact of what we do and not interrupt your day-to-day process. Plus, everything we do is backed by the franchise in the event that something were to happen to me or our local Kitchen Tune-Up.”

Kitchen Tune-Up is happy to offer consultations and free estimates – just give them a call at (402) 340-7770 to set one up today.

The Cabinetry Professional

From the kitchen to the bathroom to the closet, cabinetry is something that plays a big role in your home. It’s a huge part of the interior look of your home and is used every single day to keep your belongings secure and organized. If you’re ready to update the cabinetry as part of your remodeling project, reach out to Usher Custom Cabinets ( The custom cabinet shop has been around for 45 years with services focused on residential properties.

Neal Chloupek
Usher Custom Cabinets

“We complete a lot of kitchen and bathroom remodels, but have also done libraries, home theatres, bars, pantries, fireplaces and mantels, entertainment centers, display cases, curios, gun cabinets, and more,” explained Owner Neal Chloupek. “Whether you prefer styles that are more traditional, contemporary, or casual, we’ve got you covered.”

Usher Custom Cabinets designs, builds, and installs all of the cabinets they produce, and because they are a small show, they have the ability to really focus in on the customer’s needs and wants. Clients are presented with a 3D rendering and virtual walk-through so that Neal and his team can really hone in on what they need.

“Because we customize the cabinetry for any room you choose, we are able to build for your home’s specific design and use the wall space with the greatest efficiency,” Neal shared. “We are a no-pressure, old-school shop that takes pride in all the jobs we do, no matter the size.”

Spruce Up Your Floors

Flooring is another piece of the remodeling puzzle that will really bring the entire room together for a beautiful, finished look. Underfoot Flooring Solutions (@underfootflooringsolutionslincoln) offers a wide variety of flooring choices for homeowners to choose from, including materials in tile, vinyl, linoleum, laminate, engineered hardwood, LVP, LVT, carpeting, and stone.

Underfoot is owned by Cory and Ela Schlisner who took over ownership in June 2021. In addition to the change in ownership, Cory and Ela also merged Underfoot together with their other business, PureCare Carpet Cleaning, and now the two businesses work hand-in-hand to deliver outstanding flooring solutions to the Lincoln area.

Chad Schlisner
Underfoot Flooring Solutions

“If you’re happy with the material you currently have on your floors and are not planning on installing new as a part of the remodeling process, a thorough cleaning is a great way to save some money while still freshening up the look of your home,” shared Chad Schlisner, operations manager. “Rather than using traditional carpet cleaning methods, in which water is left behind that can cause mold, damage to the subfloor, and loosening of the glue and fibers over time, we utilize a dry method that keeps your floors looking great with less damage and almost no downtime waiting for carpets to air out.”

PureCare ( also offers repair and re-stretching services for carpet that has experienced years of wear and has begun to pucker or develop wrinkles. This allows you to repair your carpet to look like new and last for years to come at a fraction of the cost of a full carpet replacement.

Forward-Thinking Design

Kayla Stock
KayStock Design

KayStock Design ( is a design studio that encompasses residential and commercial design. Owner Kayla Stock approaches design as a collaboration that involves a deep understanding of the client’s needs and aspirations, as well as budget and timeline. She provides space planning/conceptual design work, 3D renderings and vision boards, custom built-ins, material selection, and anything else needed to provide both value and beauty.

“Space planning is one of the first services I can provide as a designer, helping my clients understand the function, flow, and dimensions of their home/business,” said Kayla. “This can also include 3D modeling, allowing the client to see their space come to life. From there I help my clients create their dream palette with assistance on material selection, cabinetry design, electrical and plumbing fixtures, and finishing touches. During this process I can act as a project manager and source contractors to get the job done right. I also help my clients find the perfect furniture and decor to either compliment their existing pieces, or completely revamp their space.”

Kayla encourages home remodelers to create a mood board for their home, whether with Pinterest or another source. Doing this will allow you to explore and keep all of the great ideas you’ve come up with, especially since home remodeling can be a long process, depending on the type of work you are planning for. In addition, it will help you narrow down your style, colors, finishes, and so much more, as well as provide a palette to your designer.

The Art of Lighting

Jon Eicher
ABC Electric

Over the years, lighting has become much more than changing out burnt light bulbs; it is truly an art and can drastically change the way your home functions. Project Manager Jon Eicher at ABC Electric ( explained that the LED lighting industry is continuously evolving and the company is often completing residential lighting remodeling projects that employ Bluetooth technology, allowing homeowners to control the lighting features in their home through a smartphone app.

“We have done all manners of LED lighting and controls in kitchens and family spaces,” said Jon. “We are seeing Bluetooth technology being incorporated into not just control systems but LED lighting as well. LED lighting now has the capability of adjustable lumen outputs, or brightness, and color-changing capability integral to the fixture. This sector of the industry continues to evolve.”

Having been in the industry for 90 years, ABC Electric has been part of that evolution firsthand and has acquired all of the specialized equipment, tooling, and experience to set them apart from the competition. With over 200 years of combined experience, you can be confident that they know how to address just about any potential issue that could arise during a remodel. With that in mind, Jon also recommends that people planning a remodeling project in their home always build a contingency fund into their project budget.

“Once you start to open up ceilings and tear out walls, there are usually some hidden surprises…and not the good kind,” Jon said. “We also suggest hiring professionals in their respective disciplines. It can be tempting to hire a handyman or a friend of a friend to potentially save you some money, but do yourself a favor and check references. Check references of licensed contractors, as well. The reputable ones have nothing to hide.”

Plumbing Pros

Lindsey Reinke
John Henry’s Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning

When it comes to a residential remodeling project, John Henry’s Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning ( Co-owner Lindsey Reinke reminded us of the importance of hiring a professional to do the job, especially if plumbing is involved.

“You might be opting for a DIY project,” Lindsey said. “This is okay if you’re not doing any plumbing work, but if part of your plan includes this, hiring a contractor is beneficial. Bathroom and kitchen remodeling companies are a dime a dozen and sometimes get a bad reputation for shoddy work or scam-like behavior. This is never the case with John Henry’s. Our slogan is ‘our family serving yours’ for a reason.”

When you’re choosing a kitchen remodeler, there are a number of things that are crucial to consider, including making sure that the company takes the time to hear and understand what you want and how you want it done, then getting an estimate for all the work you need done and choosing something that works for your budget. It’s especially crucial to choose someone with experience.

“When you’re investing in a remodel in your home, you want someone to get the job done right…the first time,” said Lindsey. “Be sure you choose a plumbing company that knows what they’re doing and stands behind their work. With John Henry’s, you get extensive experience and up-front pricing. This means you’re not going to be surprised by hidden costs or worried about the amount of time spent, because it will cost the same regardless.”

Light Up Your Investment

If you’re investing in a remodel of your home—or even just a room in it—don’t forget to include lighting in your project plan. The choices are endless, and the effects can really be the cherry on top!

Matt Collins
Oak Electric

“Lighting is one of the best upgrades to consider with any home remodeling project,” said Matt Collins, master electrician with Oak Electric, Inc ( “For example, if you are investing thousands of dollars into updating your kitchen, why not invest a little more to install under-cabinet lights to showcase your new space? The same goes for bathrooms. You can install new lighting over the shower or bath area, and you might be surprised how much it showcases your investment.”

Matt says the most popular trend in home lighting today is to replace old overhead light fixtures with strategically placed can lights. Another stunner is to design directional lighting to enhance artwork or photography that you have hanging on your walls. Don’t forget your exterior lighting, either.

“Lighting is equally important on the exterior of your home as it is on the inside,” Matt said. “Outside lighting provides safety after dark. It provides functionality to use your patio and/or deck later into the evening and it also gives your home greater curb appeal.”

When you’re starting a remodeling project of just about any kind in your home, Matt warned us that it’s absolutely crucial to make sure you know exactly how it will affect your home’s overall electrical workings to ensure the safety of you and your family.

“Before you start any remodeling project—from getting new appliances to a hot tub to an addition on your home—please have a licensed electrician evaluate your home’s electrical panel to ensure that it can safely handle any and all upgrades.”

Keeping Your Home Comfortable

Owned by brothers Doug, Dennis, and Don, Biggerstaff Plumbing, Heating & Air ( has been serving the Lincoln area for more than 60 years, and their success stems from the reputation they’ve built for reliability, professionalism, and for providing top-quality care in a timely manner. The company was founded by their parents and all three of the brothers have been working in the family business since they were 18.

Jim Johnson
Biggerstaff Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning

“We operate according to the same standards that the founders set for this family-owned business in 1957,” said Jim Johnson, a member of the management team at Biggerstaff. “We believe that you should receive the best care among knowledgeable professionals, and we believe that integrity is what makes a business successful.”

If you’re doing any significant remodeling in your home, it likely will affect your plumbing, heating, and air-conditioning systems, and Biggerstaff is equipped to handle all of your upgrades, changes, installations, and repairs. Services include new installation and remodeling of your plumbing system, including faucets and sinks, toilets, showers and tubs, disposals and drain lines, dishwashers and water lines, and water heaters and sump pumps.

When it comes to your heating and cooling systems, it’s important to ensure that any remodeling project you do pays heed to the limits of your current systems and that you include upgrades so that you are certain to get the most efficiency possible for heating and cooling your home. Biggerstaff is skilled at installing these systems, in addition to thermostats, indoor air-quality systems, geothermal systems, and anything associated with your sewer system.

“Biggerstaff isn’t just a name,” Jim said. “It’s a promise that you can count on us to do the best job possible, every time. If you’re looking at remodeling all or a portion of your home, we’re here to help!”
Another outstanding business that can help you find the ideal comfort level in your home is Custom Cooling & Heating. Not only can they help you with your cooling and heating needs, but they offer air purification, filtration, humidity control, and more. Their products will not only allow you to live more comfortably, but they will also clean up the air in your home, ultimately protecting your family’s health by removing airborne dust, pollen, and other contaminants. If you’re not sure which product is best for your home, reach out to Owner Brad Ohlmann to figure out the most efficient device to install with your remodel to ensure that you and your family are comfortable and breathing in clean air.

Refresh Your Home

A fresh coat of paint, whether on the interior or exterior of your home, is an easy way to brighten up your home and make it feel fresh. For all your painting needs, we encourage you to hire Walter’s Painting Inc. ( for the job. They are a professional team of painters offering experienced services to both business and residential clients in the Lincoln region.

Jeff Walters
Walter’s Painting Inc.

“Many homeowners are tempted to simply do the painting work themselves, but this takes up valuable free time that could be spent elsewhere,” said Jeff Walters, owner. “We know that today’s fast-paced lifestyle means that most people are just too busy for home improvements like painting and plastering, and especially all the prep work. We strive to make the entire process stress- and worry-free, in addition to providing premium quality products and services that produce outstanding results.”

Walter’s Painting makes the remodeling process simple by providing free estimates and quality prep work, in addition to a consultation after the first coat of paint has dried and a final inspection to ensure the painting job is satisfactory.

For the Love of Landscaping

Jackie Svoboda
Luxury Landscape

A key part to renovating the exterior of your home is landscaping. Big or small, a landscaping project can seriously transform your property and really make it stand out among the others on your block. Jackie Svoboda with Luxury Landscape ( sat down with us to discuss what her business has been up to so far this summer and how they can play a role in your residential remodeling project.

“So far this season, we have completed a lot of landscape renovations and have given our customers a new, fresh look to replace their old and outdated landscaping,” Jackie shared. “These projects are extremely rewarding when completed, and we love sharing in our customer’s excitement. Some of the trends we have been seeing recently in these projects include a huge increase in the focus on outdoor living spaces, which involves outdoor kitchens, pools, patios, pergolas, and fire and water features. Our customers want their own little private retreat and to be able to use every square inch of their property!”

If you’re anything like me, landscaping is a priority on your home improvement to-do list – but you have no idea where to even start. The professionals at Luxury Landscape don’t expect you to come to them with everything already planned out (but if you know what you want, that’s great too!), and they will take the time to share with you all of the possible options for your landscape and help you decide which landscaping would best suit you and your home. The process includes discussing specifics like the color and style of your home, your personal favorite colors, how you foresee yourself using the space, children or pet concerns, and privacy – just to name a few. They really make an effort to help you visualize what your outdoor space could look like.

“My biggest piece of advice for first-time remodelers is that when choosing a reputable contractor – whether for interior or exterior projects – be prepared for it to be a process from start to finish with delays along the way,” said Jackie. “If a contractor states they are three to four months out from scheduling a new project, recognize this as a good sign. They are probably a great choice because they are not rushing through their current projects and are detailed in their work.”

Exterior Upgrades

Now into their fourth decade of business, Neemann & Sons’ ( experience with home exterior remodels is abundant. Their services include roofing, siding, gutters, windows, Halo Lighting, and more.

Patrick Lowe
Neemann & Sons

“Our team’s years of experience, from our project managers to our foremen, give us the ability to install basic products to even the most extensive products,” explained Patrick Lowe, siding project manager. “Daily, we have crews installing asphalt shingles to DaVinci Shingles, vinyl siding to James Hardie cement board siding, standard seamless gutters to commercial seamless gutters, wood soffit and fascia to aluminum soffit and fascia, and Halo Lighting. We are a preferred installer for several shingle brands and a gold standard installer for James Hardie. Our specialty as a company is being able to do virtually anything exterior on your home while only having to work with one contractor to complete your dream.”

Neemann & Sons’ awards and certifications further prove their outstanding talents. Their accolades include: KFOR’s “Best of Lincoln” Award Winner, CertainTeed Select Shinglemaster, GAF Preferred Contractor, DaVinci Certified Installer, and Vinyl Institute Certified Installer. Furthermore, they back their work with a five-year workmanship warranty as their guarantee that you’ll love the work they do for your project.

“No matter the extent of your project, changing any aspect of your home can be (especially as a first timer) confusing and sometimes sticker shock,” said Patrick. “The confusion will occur due to the different ‘language’ that is used during a construction process. We have learned that the customers who ask more questions tend to have a better and easier process. Neemann & Sons have learned to bridge this by having a foreman or a project manager on the job. The second thing anyone should expect when asking for an estimate on a project is to understand the sticker shock. Many homeowners will collect multiple estimates from several companies, which is a smart thing to do, to find what each company offers. Some will only focus on the dollar amount and many times the homeowner will get exactly what they paid for. Please keep in mind that while you think those higher prices are expensive, imagine having to pay for a project twice since it was not done correctly the first time!”

Lawn Maintenance All Year Long

If your yard is beautifully landscaped and receiving the proper amount of moisture, your greatest task becomes caring for and maintaining your lawn. Because they know how much work this can be, Ray’s Lawn Care ( provides their customers with a comprehensive treatment plan to ensure their lawns get the treatment they need all year round as the seasons change. The treatment plan begins in the spring with applying fertilizer and pre-emergent followed by insecticide and herbicide in the summer and continued treatments of fertilizer and herbicide throughout the year. The process results in lush, green, healthy lawns and plants.

The Beauty of Brick

For remodelers that are looking for a more historical, classic design to spruce up their home’s exterior, brick is always a stable choice—and has the big advantage of being low-maintenance. Established in 1881, Yankee Hill Brick ( works with local contractors to supply quality brick of all varieties and colors. Brick is an ideal material for siding and retaining walls and it continues to be a popular choice for its charming aesthetic. Yankee Hill produces its own clay mixes and high temperature firing kiln to produce a range of looks for their own brickwork. In addition to their own bricks, they also import a selection of bricks from other manufacturers, chosen to complement the local Nebraska market.

Storage Solutions

For those longer remodeling projects, a storage unit may be necessary to keep your furniture and possessions safe from the dust and debris while also clearing up some space in your home to conduct your work. If you are in need of a storage unit during this process, reach out to Store It All ( The self-storage facility has several options for unit sizes, including units with doors on either end or an outdoor storage pad site. They also allow for easy rental and payments with the option to create an account online at their website, where you can select your rental unit and make the monthly payments online.

Are you ready to dive into a home remodeling project? So are these local experts! We encourage you to reach out to them for all of your remodeling needs as you embark on this adventure.