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Buying a Home in Lincoln

Whether you’re purchasing your very first home or you’re looking for one to retire in, Lincoln has a wonderful assortment of homes to choose from [...]

Residential Remodeling in Lincoln – July 2022

Ready to finally tackle that much-needed home improvement project you’ve been dreading to actually do? Or, maybe you really love these projects, and are the [...]

Building & Financing Your Dream Home in Lincoln – May 2022

Building your dream home seems simple enough: find the perfect lot, customize your floor plan, hire good contractors, and pick out the details. Of course, [...]

Senior Living in Lincoln – February 2022

While there is not a specific age to qualify an individual as a “senior citizen,” Western cultures typically begin to use this term at ages [...]

Memory Care in Lincoln – November 2021

With aging comes an increased risk of suffering from memory loss and forgetfulness. Names are harder to recall, keys are never where they were left, [...]

Buying a Home in Lincoln – August 2021

Buying a Home in Lincoln - August 2021 The housing market is currently all in favor of sellers but proving difficult to many buyers. According [...]

Senior Living in Lincoln, February 2021

It’s impossible to summarize in a few words the plans that were dismantled or destroyed by COVID-19 in 2020. Those were felt maybe no more [...]

Senior Living in Lincoln, NE – 2020

Making Changes to Meet Your Loved Ones’ Needs in their Golden Years Getting to the age where you or your family start talking about senior [...]

Senior Living in Lincoln, NE – 2020

Senior Living Though there are still cold days ahead, we are all looking forward to springtime as a time for growth and new life, spring [...]

Senior Living in Lincoln, NE – 2019

Senior Living We know we reach a lot of readers who are either nearing their retirement years or are the caretaker of a senior loved [...]

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