Our health is something that many of us highly value. In good health, we are able to partake in the activities that we most enjoy and keep our independence in older age. Without the dedicated, hard-working, amazing healthcare staff in Lincoln, many of us would be living a very different life.

As we re-emerge into a ‘normal’ society after the pandemic, it is hard to ignore the sacrifices the healthcare industry made to help keep our community, as well every other community in the world, healthy. They proudly stood on the front lines, courageously prioritizing the health and lives of others before their own.

As such, Strictly Business is introducing a brand-new feature that’s sole purpose is to thank healthcare staff. We are excited for the first ever Thanking Healthcare feature, and hope to see many more down the line. We are so thankful for the healthcare staff that helps the Lincoln community thrive, and want to give a giant thanks for everything you do! You are noticed, and we do care!

If you would like to be featured in next year’s Thanking Healthcare feature, please reach out to Shae at shae@strictlybusinessomaha.com or call our office at (402) 466-3330. We want to highlight as many healthcare staffs as we can!

Pine Lake Behavioral Health & Medical

At Pine Lake Behavioral Health & Medical, we are proud to thank our amazing team of professionals for their dedication to providing the best care possible to each and every patient. Our staff goes above and beyond, and we couldn’t ask for a better team.

Pine Lake Behavioral Health & Medical is one of the largest private medical & behavioral health partnerships serving Southeast Nebraska with a carefully selected team of physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, psychologists, psychotherapists and counselors. Philosophically we are united, and we only work with highly experienced and capable partners who share our core values. We think it’s really important that clinicians have a mixture of clinical skill and human qualities, meaning you can place your trust in them. We interview every potential partner in person before we agree to work with them. What is important in a patient/provider relationship is fit not function, and the foundation for success is built upon skill set not specialty. We are here for YOU!

New to the team in 2023: Adam Brank, MD; Fahima Hasan, APRN-FNP-C; Ryan Ernst, PsyD, MSCP; Safeta Hurko, PLADC.

For more information about Pine Lake Behavioral Health & Medical, please visit www.pinelakebh.com.

Legacy Retirement Communities

We are proud to recognize Kelly Beer, a medication aide for Legacy Retirement Communities. Kelly has worked on our team since 2021, embracing every role she’s been in, including charge medication aide. She is a dedicated, caring and compassionate caregiver, and has a strong work ethic. She is an asset to all four of our communities, going above and beyond to help in all scopes of nursing. If you were to ask anyone on our Legacy team, they would tell you Kelly is always upbeat and puts the residents’ needs first. She is the first to step up and help when it’s needed.

Beyond being an incredible caregiver to our residents, she is a single mom to an 11-year-old boy. When she is not working in one of our communities, she is supporting her son at his sports games. Kelly also visits the communities on her off-days, bringing her son and dog to visit the residents. We are so grateful to have Kelly on our Legacy team. Thank you, Kelly, for your dedication to the residents and your co-workers!

Legacy Retirement Communities provides Lincoln with award-winning elegance, superior care and countless reasons to live an enriched life. Learn more at www.LegacyRetirement.com.


Associates in Counseling & Treatment

Associates in Counseling & Treatment is extremely grateful for our incredible staff members. Their commitment, empathy and knowledge help serve individuals in our community as they strive to resolve the mental health and addiction issues that impact the area. Despite challenging times, the staff have worked hard to provide quality care with a compassionate approach.

Associates in Counseling & Treatment’s staff members go above and beyond anytime someone takes a day off or when new employees or new clients start. Our staff continues to step up to help with bringing on new clients, to aid in helping our clientele feel comfortable and to provide a culturally competent safe environment for anyone who walks through our doors.

Our staff loves being surrounded by supportive team members as they perform a variety of group and individual tasks. Working with clients on a personal level and being able to see the positive long-term impact the program is having on them is one of the best parts of the job.

Those at Associates in Counseling & Treatment believe that it is important for us to be able to lean on one another. Because of the bond built between our staff members they frequently joke about being a family due to how much they care for one another.

Associates in Counseling & Treatment provides specialized counseling services for individuals and families in Lincoln and the surrounding areas. For more information, please visit actnebraska.org.

HoriSun Hospice

HoriSun Hospice expresses its deep appreciation and gratitude for its caring and professional staff! Our employees’ dedication, knowledge, compassion and professionalism continue to positively impact the lives of many in our community and help our hospice agency shine. They provide comfort not only to our patients, but reassurance to our patients’ families, loved ones and support systems as well.

It takes a group of very special individuals to care for people at the end of their lives. In an industry highly susceptible to employee burnout, we acknowledge the hard work and compassion that our employees give every day. We are so proud of each and every one of you, and we know that our community appreciates the care you give to those that need it in Lincoln, Seward and surrounding areas. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

HoriSun Hospice believes that hospice care affirms life. Our mission and promise to our community is simple – to provide the best care possible, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all whose lives are affected by a life limiting illness or condition. Comfort, compassion and caring are our guiding principles. For more information about HoriSun Hospice, visit www.horisunhospice.com, or call (402) 484-6444.

New Outlook Counseling

We want to express the utmost gratitude for the amazing clinicians at New Outlook Counseling! The amount of empathy, compassion and unconditional positive regard that they show to their clients every day is inspiring. Our mission at New Outlook Counseling is to first and foremost, build relationships with our clients, to truly see, hear and understand who they are and what they are seeking through counseling to help them develop goals that will lead to healthier, more satisfying lives. We strive to empower all clients with tools to help them make real change and grow to their ideal selves. We endeavor to give clients specific tools and a new outlook to help them make the desired changes in their unique lives. The clinicians at New Outlook Counseling show this every day with the clients that they work with. They are understanding and dedicated to collaboration, client care, continuous self-improvement and honor the vulnerability entrusted to them by their clients.

New Outlook Counseling is located in Lincoln. Our clinicians treat anxiety, depression, OCD, trauma, relationship concerns, life transitions, perinatal mood disorders, stress, self-esteem issues, complex grief and addiction. For more information about New Outlook Counseling and their services, visit www.newoutlookcounseling.org.

Nebraska LTC Pharmacy 

We are so proud of the team here at Nebraska LTC Pharmacy. There is no way to describe what goes on behind closed doors here. You see the awesome results, but there is so much to be done behind the scenes. With the ever-changing and growing demands of this job, the amazing team here continues to rise to the challenge without complaint or hesitation, knowing that so much of our time is just donated. This team is small but mighty! There are few crews that could hang next to these studs for a full day, let alone a full week!

This team never complains because they love their jobs, their community and the people we serve. Thank you for being such giving, hard-working, dedicated healthcare workers who put their patients and customers’ needs ahead of their own. We don’t go home until our work is done. We don’t get “lunch” or “meal” breaks, there aren’t “restroom” breaks and we certainly don’t “close” for meals. Thank you for being you, and for doing such a great thing to better the lives of so many others!

Nebraska LTC Pharmacy does more than just count pills and slap labels. To learn more, visit www.neltcpharmacy.com.

Capital Care Staffing

We cannot be more thankful for our Capital Care Staffing team of nurses, nurse aides and med aides. They provide quality, compassionate care daily and with dignity to everyone they help. We believe they are the best examples of healthcare workers and professionals that Nebraska offers. Their strong teamwork ethics and drive for excellence are incredibly appreciated.

Our team shows up every day with confidence to help the communities of Nebraska. They show up to help other teams when times are tough with a low staffing census asking, “Where can I help? What can I do? Who can I help?”

Not only are we thankful for our team, but also for the other teams that we aid in caring for their customers. The friendships that our team creates wherever they go helps build better teamwork and communication. We are so thankful that our team has so much passion and care for the people, places and environments they are a part of.

Thank you to our partnerships and their teams for trusting our team to care for your customers. Every healthcare professional and worker deserves appreciation, no matter which team they are a part of. For more information about Capital Care Staffing, please visit www.capitalcarestaffing.com.