Legacy Retirement Communities Living Legacy Award Winner Announced

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Lincoln-based Legacy Retirement Communities and KFOR radio are honored to announce the winner of the first ever “Jerry Joyce Living Legacy Award”.

This award recognizes unsung heroes in the Lincoln community that are making a substantial impact and positively affecting the lives of people in our local community. Upon receiving the award, the recipient will be presented with a $2,500 check to the charity of their choice. Lincoln is a very caring community and the locally owned and operated Legacy Retirement Communities is honored to offer this charitable contribution as a way of giving back to our local community.

The winner of this semiannual award is Michelle Skala. Michelle is very involved with Mourning Hope, a local group that reaches out to grieving families.  She has walked in those shoes, having been widowed at a young age when her son Tanner was only 6.  Michelle continues to put forth extraordinary acts of kindness to help those who are in a similar situation and are feeling bewildered about how to make it through the toughest situation of life. Michelle Skala will receive a $2500 check to give to her favorite non-profit and was officially honored at a luncheon August 4th at Legacy Estates.

For more information about Legacy Retirement Communities, please contact Greg Joyce at (402) 484-8888 or visit us online at http://legacyretirement.com/.

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