Throughout challenges, our pets play a remarkable role in our lives, offering not only happiness, but also a profound sense of comfort and emotional support. Business leaders often find themselves immersed in the hustle and bustle of the corporate world, where the pace and challenges can be relentless. It’s during these chaotic and high-pressure situations that our furry companions shine. Their unconditional love, playful antics and the simple joy they bring to our lives act as a counterbalance to the complexities we face in our professional endeavors, making our connection with them all the more precious.

At Strictly Business, we believe people choose to do business with people they know, like and trust. As almost every pet owner can attest, our furry friend(s) play a big role in our lives. Getting to “meet” these business leaders’ pets gives us a little look into their hearts and homes. Who doesn’t love photos of cute animals? Reach out to us if you’d like to introduce your pet(s) to all our readers while promoting your business!


Meet Suzie, the four-legged heartbeat of our team at Associates in Counseling and Treatment ( She’s not just an office dog; she’s an indispensable part of our work family, spreading joy, warmth and a sense of belonging.

Suzie’s presence is a balm to both our clients and staff. In the often emotionally charged atmosphere of our practice, she brings an aura of tranquility. Her gentle demeanor and soulful eyes seem to say, “It’s okay, you’re in a safe place.” For clients grappling with their own challenges, Suzie provides a comforting, nonjudgmental source of support.

Beyond her therapeutic role, Suzie is the team’s morale booster. Stressful days are lightened by her antics and unwavering enthusiasm. She reminds us to take breaks, recharge and embrace the simple joys of life.
Suzie’s loyalty is a testament to the bonds we form in our workplace. She knows when a pat on the head is needed or when to curl up quietly under a desk to offer solace during a challenging day.

Suzie isn’t just a dog; she’s a symbol of compassion and unity. At Associates in Counseling and Treatment, her wagging tail and unwavering devotion remind us that healing and support can come from the most unexpected places, and she’s a cherished part of our team.

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Meet Stella and Wallace, the dogs that have the hearts of those at Greenleaf Commercial Real Estate ( These cute guys love coming to the office and seeing everyone – and everyone loves seeing them! Wallace is a Norfolk Terrier; fun fact about Wallace is that he is one of the top 20 fastest Norfolk Terriers in the US. Stella is an English Springer Spaniel, and was born right here in Lincoln. Stella’s favorite hobby is jumping into giant leaf piles. Wallace likes to sit in his favorite spot, the bookshelf that fits him perfectly. Together, they love to go visit their friends at Kenl Inn, get their photos professionally taken, going on walks, being social and sitting, shaking, spinning and giving high fives (as long as treats are involved).

Greenleaf Commercial Real Estate has helped local business owners purchase, lease and manage commercial properties since 1973. Their focus on relationship building and understanding each client’s unique circumstances and objectives allow them to tailor a strategy specifically designed to accomplish their client’s goals.

Greenleaf Commercial Real Estate is a full-service commercial real estate company offering professional asset management services and brokerage services including leasing, sales, acquisitions, consulting and development. Whatever your commercial real estate needs might be, Greenleaf’s team of professionals is here to help you succeed. For more information on Greenleaf Commercial Real Estate, call (402) 467-2525 or check out the website at


Benny is a four-year-old golden doodle, adopted through Domesti-Pups. He has been the resident dog at Legacy Arbors for two years. Michele Carlson, Activities Director at Legacy Arbors, had always wanted a dog, as the residents seemed to enjoy visits from emotional support animals. Benny is the “perfect dog for memory care,” according to Michele. “Benny is very emotionally intelligent and recognizes when residents may be having a bad day and need extra affection,” added Renee Pickerel, Executive Director at Legacy Arbors. Benny is described as gentle, kind and easy going. He roams the building to see his friends and loves to tag along on special outings and scenic van rides with the residents.

All Arbors staff members pitch in to care for Benny, and the residents take great pride in saying he is their dog. “He brings smiles and joy each and every day, not only to our residents, but to our visitors and staff. He has become part of our Legacy family,” Renee shared.

Legacy Retirement Communities continues to provide Lincoln with award-winning elegance, superior care and countless reasons to live an enriched life. Learn more at


Meet Max and Terry Clark with TAC Payroll Solutions! Max was born on February 6, 2022, and became a part of our family on April 7 that year. He’s a pretty sweet little dog, but is a bit possessive and apparently, I’m someone he possesses, as he has a little trouble sharing me with my husband. He gets along great with my husband but occasionally gets a little growly if my husband unexpectedly comes too close to me. Max shares his space (not so well either) with his younger brother, Kota, our 80-pound 18-month-old German Shepherd.

TAC Payroll Solutions is a local, woman-owned business serving customers in Lincoln and surrounding areas. Our services include full multi-state payroll services, bookkeeping services and more. As our customer, you can expect great, personalized customer service. Our skilled team will handle every step of your payroll and bookkeeping needs so you can be guaranteed reliable services. Our payroll and bookkeeping services, located in Lincoln, are designed to make your life easier while providing a TAC-tical and personal approach to your payroll and bookkeeping needs. If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me at (531) 249-5800 /


Coco (11 years), and Hershey (nine months), are two rescue dogs who own Dr. Bob Bleicher, Medical Director of HoriSun Hospice ( Coco joined the HoriSun Hospice family in 2012, and Hershey recently joined the family when she was adopted earlier this Spring. Coco and Hershey bring smiles to everyone they encounter, from staff at HoriSun to patients receiving care from HoriSun and their families and caregivers. Coco and Hershey are known to visit senior living communities bringing joy to many residents. Coco has done a wonderful job at training Hershey the past several months in her happiness-bringing role.

HoriSun Hospice has been assisting individuals facing life-limiting illnesses since 2004. Our mission is to care for hospice patients and their loved ones with honor, dignity and respect. Dr. Bleicher has practiced medicine in Lincoln for over 35 years with more than 25 years of hospice medical direction. He is board certified in Hospice and Palliative Care, and has strong beliefs in compassionate care with attention to patients’ and families’ physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

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Owners Pat & Jennifer Moran, along with their two children, welcomed Honey into their family two-and-a-half years ago during the height of the pandemic. Honey is a Goldendoodle from northwest Missouri who loves to play and snooze throughout the day, along with the occasional fast-food stop at their trashcan to grab a bite of Jimmy Johns now and then.

In October, Honey joined the staff at Lincoln Coin & Bullion ( She loves to greet their clients at the door for a good ole fashioned head scratch. And on occasion will hand out a quick lick or two.

So, you may ask, “Why have Honey on staff???” Because one of Lincoln Coin & Bullion’s top priorities is providing their customers with the highest level of privacy and protection as they deal daily in gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

Honey has been doing such a great job, she’s already barking for a pay raise.

For more information on how precious metals can provide security and peace-of mind for you and your family, and to meet Honey in-person, please contact Pat and his team at or give them a call at (402) 327-2853.


It’s only natural that a veterinarian would have a few pets… Dr. Moravec is the Owner of DRIVETHRU Vet at Driftwood ( as well as Driftwood Pet Resort & Spaw – and he and his wife, Erica, and five kids are avid dog lovers!

Marvel is a five year-old German Shorthaired Pointer who loves to run and play. Tooey is a seven-month-old Boxer puppy who’s currently up to no good, while Scuba is a seven-year-old Boxer couch potato. They LOVE to go to work with Dr Moravec when then get the chance!

The Pet Resort & Spaw is load of fun, complete with a 10-acre private Dog Prairie Dog Park. There are always friends to meet and smells to sniff!

DRIVETHRU Vet at Driftwood is an all new way to go to the vet. The dogs love the stress-free convenience of the DRIVETHRU. You can check out Scuba’s annual checkup visit on the website – – there’s nothing quite like it! The owner doesn’t even have to get out of the car!

DRIVETHRU VET at Driftwood and Driftwood Pet Resort & Spaw are located at 100 McKelvie Rd. just northwest of Lincoln. For more information, call Dr. Tony Moravec (402) 435-3003 or go to