Unplanned Life Changes in Lincoln – April 2021


As Heraclitus put it so wisely, the only constant in life is change, and while change is inevitable, that doesn’t mean it’s always a pleasure. Unplanned life changes can give rise to emotions of every ilk—from shock to anger, fear, helplessness, or disorientation. That said, if you have the right people in your corner to guide you through unplanned life changes—both rehabilitation and the need for senior-living assistance—can translate to growth and a journey to a thriving new life chapter.

For seniors and their loved ones who find themselves unwittingly faced with an unexpected situation, life can, at first, be uncomfortable. We believe, however, that there is great comfort in human experience and knowing we are not alone in life’s journey. Take, for example, the COVID pandemic. It meant tremendous change and was, at first, shocking and disturbing to everyone’s routines. As a community, however, we made the adjustments we needed to create a new normal—at least for the time being.

Maybe no group of people has faced more challenges during the pandemic than seniors and people hospitalized or at home dealing with illness or injury. Senior communities and rehabilitation centers and advisory services in Lincoln did an amazing job of keeping life as comfortable as possible for residents, including those faced with sudden changes and moving to senior living amid the pandemic. Seniors in the region are uber-blessed to have access to such an incredible senior-care, rehabilitation, and legal-support system that can guide seniors and their families through unplanned change and make sure they never feel alone in their journey.

Medication Care

As we age, or when we deal with sudden injury or illness, we inevitably deal with the need for medications, which can become a huge hassle, and finding a pharmacy you can count on can be a challenge. That’s why we recommend Nebraska LTC Pharmacy (neltcpharmacy.com). Recently expanded into a new location, just off 40th and Normal Blvd., LTC pharmacy was founded by Fairbury native Shannon Shultz in 2011, when she recognized a need in the community for a pharmacy that did more than just count pills and slap labels. With that in mind, the goal of Nebraska LTC Pharmacy is to continue to offer the “small-town” level of service while providing the highest level of care for their patients.

You’ll notice the high level of care from your first call to the pharmacy: No automated systems, no punching in prescription numbers, just great personal care. They want to help you with your or your loved one’s medications and preserve your independence, providing everything from free-adherence packaging, free delivery, in-home consultations, medication reconciliations with your physician, and more. They provide individualize patient care that increases safety and prolongs your independence at home.

One Call Does it All

Oasis Senior Advisors (oasissenioradvisors.com/lincoln) of Lincoln can help you navigate the sometimes-complicated morass of details to find the just-right care or living situation for your loved one’s specific needs. Of course, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead for senior living whenever possible—at least when you first start recognizing that your loved one might have increasing needs for assistance. Oasis can walk you through all of your options, including in-home, independent, assisted, and memory-care communities—and all of the services from Oasis Senior Advisors are free!

Beth Friesen
Oasis Senior Advisors

“The realities of 2020 taught us a lot about expecting the unexpected, said Oasis Senior Advisors Lincoln Franchise Owner Beth Friesen. “One thing for sure, it’s not fun. When it comes to senior living, we encourage people to plan ahead! If you have a loved one with dementia, don’t wait until there is a crisis to select the appropriate living or day-stay community when or if that time comes. If you or your loved one is experiencing physical challenges that are making staying in the home more difficult, select an assisted living community BEFORE it becomes a crisis situation. Calm heads tend to make better decisions.”

Unfortunately, however, we cannot plan for every scenario, and despite our every effort, things happen that care is needed suddenly. When that happens to you, someone you care for, or perhaps a patient of yours, call Oasis.

“In addition to senior housing, we can connect you with many resources across our community,” Beth said. “Some examples include in-home care, skilled nursing, home health, veterans’ benefits, elder-law attorneys, and so much more. One call does it all when that call is to Oasis! We do more than just help you find a place for your loved one. We welcome you into our Oasis family, provide resources, advocate for both you and your loved ones, and provide a listening ear and shoulder to lean on. You don’t have to do this alone. We do this because it is our calling to serve those around us, and there is never a charge to you or your loved one to use our services.”

While families worried about their loved ones in senior living throughout lockdown during the pandemic, but Beth said studies prove that assisted-living and other forms of senior living were actually some of the safest places for COVID-19-related illnesses.

“In Lincoln, I applaud all our communities for doing an absolutely outstanding job caring for their residents and keeping them safe,” Beth said.

Building a Bridge

Another fabulous option for navigating the search for senior care, removing the associated guesswork and frustration is Bridge to Better Living (bridgetobetterliving.com). They consult with seniors, their families, and loved ones to connect them with all levels of senior-living communities. They are there to make the process comfortable and specifically tailored to your or your loved one’s needs. The choices for senior-living retirement options are transparent with the no-cost-to-clients assistance of the Bridge to Better Living team. Thousands of lives have been changed with their unique one-on-one approach, with gratitude at the core.

Margaret Burnham
Bridge to Better Living

“My mentor and retired transition consultant Robbie Nathan once said, ‘We all need to remember there is so much to be grateful for,’” said Margaret Burnham “It’s not what we don’t have; it’s what we still have. Age may decrease hearing, vision, or agility, but the memories seniors have, the life events they’ve experienced, affect how others’ lives evolve. Each person of age should feel valued, so do not hesitate to ask questions until you have an answer. Bridge to Better Living finds seniors to be inspirational, and we have the latest technologies to continue to serve seniors and their loved ones throughout COVID and whatever lies beyond.”

Of course, a ‘Plan B’ is best formulated before unexpected changes occur, not when, but Bridge to Better Living is there regardless of the situation to provide assurance and stability for seniors facing the transition of moving to a new community.

Care, Comfort, Cost—and Cooking

When it comes to senior living that has weathered the pandemic with poise, Orchard Park Assisted Living (orchardpark.us) is a superstar. They have had not a single positive case of COVID-19 among staff or residents since the pandemic began, and they’ve gone the distance to provide residents with safe engagement throughout. Orchard Park is perfect for those seeking 24-hour, long-term care for your loved one but don’t need “fancy.”

Founders Virgil and Jan Carner didn’t set out to create a fancy-living facility or nursing home with resort-style amenities and gourmet chefs that came with a big hit on the wallet. Instead, they saw the need for a community where seniors could simply continue living the way to which they were accustomed. By keeping their focus on what they believe is most important, they can offer a cost for care that’s more affordable to residents who want to preserve more of their nest egg and make it last as long as possible. They pride themselves on focusing on what matters most: care, comfort, and cost. Oh, and cooking!

Orchard Park’s creature-comforts approach includes their renowned home-style cooking and hobby opportunities to keep memories alive. The cooks’ goal is to create dishes that remind residents of the favorites they’ve been cooking and eating their whole lives. They serve up the kind of comfort-food classics that will make your loved ones feel right at home, and whether it’s growing tomatoes every summer, playing a few hands of gin rummy, crafting, or just enjoying some quite time with a favorite TV program, they also make it easy for residents to continue the habits they’ve always loved.

Compassionate In-Home Care

If you or a loved one is not ready to move into a senior-living community but needs a little help to stay safely at home, we recommend considering Visiting Angels (www.visitingangels.com). Although home-care requests are usually planned and families need the time to research and evaluate many solutions, Visiting Angels is able to respond quickly to those families and clients that require a faster response in situations that result in immediate care. They’ll learn everything they can about you and walk you through developing a care plan that is specifically tailored to your loved one’s needs.

Natalie Leon
Visiting Angels

“When you choose Visiting Angels as your home care provider, we begin by reviewing your loved one’s needs,” said Owner Natalie Leon. “We will meet with involved family members and, when necessary, consult with the physician(s) of the care recipient, social workers, hospitals, or nursing home staff. Our goal is to get a complete picture of your loved one’s in-home care needs. Home care can be a great support allowing one to maintain their lifestyle and continue their routines in the comfort of their homes.”

Visiting Angels offers loving and experienced caregivers for home care as an alternative to an assisted-living facility or nursing home. Many seniors have a network of friends and family, and most important, a routine that actually helps them thrive and be happy. Retaining this standard of living is a positive part of their continued health, and studies have shown that seniors do well remaining in their homes. Some of the services available through Visiting Angels include bathing assistance, dressing assistance, walking assistance, meal preparation, light housekeeping, errands and shopping, medication reminders, joyful companionship, respite care for family caregivers, and more. Temporary or long-term care is available, as well as weekend, holiday, and 24-hour care.

“By choosing Visiting Angels for all your home care needs, you will be met with a personalized approach to our home care services, as we treat each client with the utmost respect as we establish a comprehensive care plan,” Natalie explained. “Get started with our elder services today by giving us a call. We will help you schedule a free, no-risk care consultation for your loved one, in the comfort of their home. Whether this is a decision that must be made urgently or if you are planning ahead, you can rely on Visiting Angels for compassionate, in-home care. Our family is here to help yours.”

Partners in Care Management

For seniors who are facing health and wellness changes, Home Care Partners (homecarepartnersofnebraska.com) provides a terrific avenue for keeping seniors at home, thanks to their extensive team of caregivers and care managers. The mission of care managers is to oversee in-home care management to improve patient care and reduce the need for medical services by enhancing coordination of care and help patients and caregivers effectively manage health conditions. The care manager coordinates with your transitional care team, provides communication, interventions, and education. They support a hospital discharge or transition, explain the reasoning for health changes, and educate the client and family on conditions.

Andrew Carlson
Home Care Partners

“Care managers at Home Care Partners monitor changes in health conditions by using technology to understand the daily health and wellness status of our clients,” said Managing Partner Andrew Carlson. “Real-time care management with electronic documentation helps clients reduce hospitalization or rehospitalization and provides a better understanding of how they are doing emotionally. When we see someone having a bad day emotionally or a change in their health condition, we quickly react to that. When facing an unplanned life change, knowing that a care manager is closely monitoring you or your loved one’s condition adds a level of comfort and safety.”

Home Care Partners has made the planning process easier with their online resources, which include a Prepare to Care guide that explores starting the conversation, forming a care team, and making a plan. Whether you are in the initial planning stage or ready to start care immediately, they are available to answer your questions, discuss the care needs for your loved one, and create a customized care plan to improve their health outcomes and provide safety, comfort, dignity, and companionship at home.

“Being in a familiar environment, among one’s own possessions and memories, is the best place to promote health and healing,” Andrew said. “During this time of COVID-19 safety measures, seniors’ emotional ties to their familiar environment are increasing. Due to the additional emotions, individuals are searching for ways to delay moving out of their home to receive care and have found the answer to be Home Care Partners. We help alleviate this stress by providing care within the home.”

Full Spectrum of Care

Tabitha (tabitha.org) offers a full range of senior-care services, including results-driven rehabilitation, accessible-at-home health care, innovative living communities with life-enriching programs, and compassionate hospice services. When your loved one is faced with the sudden need for additional care, Tabitha can guide you through to develop the perfect fit.

Aubrey Paulsen

“Start with Tabitha,” said Senior Living Advocate Aubrey Paulsen. “We can help you navigate the options available in your community and ensure you make informed decisions. We are industry experts, and my role as a senior living advocate exists to help seniors and their families find the best options. We will listen, learn and provide expert guidance to best fit your unique situation.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly changed the landscape of health care and has added another layer of stress on families already facing the challenges of caregiving. Tabitha is one of the few nonprofit, for-purpose organizations supporting seniors in Nebraska “in the right way, for the right reasons.” You can contact Tabitha experts with any question, free of charge or obligation.

“Our strong Continuum allows us to seamlessly work alongside you as your needs evolve – whether needing to find rehabilitation after recovering from an illness or planned surgery or answering questions about senior living, we’ll find the right answer for you, even if that means utilizing a resource other than Tabitha,” Aubrey ensured.

The Captain of Your Own Ship

With sudden change, you might sometimes feel like you are out of control of the situation, but Legacy Retirement Communities (legacyretirement.com) is available to calm your fears and frustrations. They provide senior-living options spanning the spectrum, including independent, assisted, and memory-care living. They believe it’s crucial for everyone considering senior-living options to know that they have a choice in choosing an option that works perfect for their specific situation.

Kyle Yates
Legacy Retirement Communities

“While change is difficult, remember that you always have a choice,” said Legacy Retirement Living Advisor Kyle Yates. “When life events happen that feel out of control, figure out what you can control. If moving into a retirement community for additional care is highly recommended, what do you want that lifestyle to look like? Do you like being part of an active community with enriching activities available? Is location important to you? When you start to think about questions like this, it’s easier to stay in the driver’s seat and achieve a lifestyle that supports your overall well-being.”

Rather than view the stress of a pandemic an “increased” stress, Kyle recommends looking at it as a different type of stress with different obstacles:  “When it comes to change, we have and continue to focus on empowering the individual, whether that’s a current resident or someone who is considering moving to one of our communities. Seniors and their families are going to feel more comfortable making decisions when they align with their personal values. If we can help the individual recognize that they are the captain of their ship, our retirement living advisors can be their expert navigators and get them to a place where they can feel safe and confident in a choice of lifestyle that best supports their well-being.”

Focus on What You CAN Control

Speaking of choices, keep in mind that maintaining an appropriate fitness regime—regardless of one’s level of abilities—is crucial to seniors’ long-term health. Right Foot Forward Fitness (rightfootforwardfitness.com) has extensive experience working with senior health and fitness, and the good news is that it’s almost always something that you can control.

Jeff Madsen
Right Foot Forward Fitness

“The pandemic and its ramifications, especially around activities and social distancing and isolation have had a pretty profound impact on all of us,” said Right Foot Forward Fitness Owner Jeff Madsen. “One of the most effective ways to deal with feelings of isolation and loss of control is to focus on things you DO have control over. You can impact your health and fitness profoundly by making small changes to your routine, from both a diet and exercise standpoint.”

Right Foot Forward Fitness can help you achieve this through in-person or remote training options—or a hybrid approach. They also have video-on-demand offerings that make it easy for anyone to work out at home and get professional results, but they focus mainly on people who are 40 years old and older.

“We are not focused—as many other are—on helping a superb teenage athlete become even better,” Jeff said. “We want to help folks who are transitioning, from careers and kids all the way to retirement, travel, and grandkids, achieve their goals. We are here to help and cheer you on. We offer all the traditional one-to-one services and expertise, but we do that while also using digital-service platforms and video-on-demand. We have four ACT certified personal trainers who care deeply about helping people recapture and maintain their health and fitness.”

Aging at Home

Another superb option for in-home care is CCA Home Care (ccahomecare.com). They are the area’s most affordable home-care solutions and screen and refer certified nurse assistant (CAN) level caregivers who work privately for clients in their own homes. CCA caregivers are available to help with things like morning and evening routines, companionship throughout the day, medication reminders and administration, and transportation to and from personal appointments. Throughout the pandemic, CCA Home Care has helped seniors adapt to change and thrive.

Kyle Johnson Care Consultants for the Aging - Headshot

Kyle Johnson
CCA Home Care

“The pandemic has changed everything we were once used to,” said CCA Home Care Owner Kyle Johnson. “This industry has stayed true to serving our elderly population and has made the appropriate adjustments required to reduce the stresses of change. Many caregivers are receiving the COVID-19 vaccination, which should reduce the concerns of transmitting the virus as we begin to return to normal.  CCA Home Care is recording all caregivers who have received their vaccinations and can provide that information to any client prior to allowing a visitor in your home.”

CCA also publishes an annual ElderCare Resource Handbook, which is available online at ccahomecare.com and provides an all-inclusive listing of business services for elderly clients. The Handbook includes information about government, financial and legal services, medical support, home health services, living options, and more. CCA Home care can help walk you through the process for home care that allows your loved one to stay in their home—and do so at an affordable price.

“After being in business for 30 years, we know the cost of private care can be overwhelming to those who choose to stay home instead of moving to a care facility,” Kyle said. “Our cost of care ranges from $21.50-$26.50 per hour, which has been the most affordable option in our area since 1991. The level of care available for those hourly rates is unmatched by any other company in the industry.”

CCA Home Care has office locations in Omaha and Lincoln. Between the two locations, they currently have more than 235 active CNAs on their Home Care Registry. All of them are licensed through the State of Nebraska, privately insured, and bonded.”

Just Like Home

Nobody likes unexpected change, but Pemberly Place (pemberlyplace.com) is a champion at helping make it as comfortable as possible for seniors. They provide the full spectrum of senior-living care and service, including every level of independent and assisted living, as well as memory support, all tailored to the individual lifestyle of each resident.

Kelly Mans
Pemberly Place

“Change is difficult and although the transition may not always be easy, we work toward making if feel flawless as if this has been their home for years,” said Director of Marketing Kelly Mans. “Pemberly Place will come to our referrals and do an assessment, which can be at right at your loved one’s home or at our onsite medical clinic, to help predict what the future may look like if you were to move your loved one into a senior-living community. Families feel reassured that, not only does this allow for full disclosure, but we can also come up with a plan both financially and medically to give them the reassurance their loved one will be well taken care of.”

The independent-living apartments at Pemberly Place were recently licensed to be used as assisted-living apartments, as well, so they can meet residents’ needs even if a setback occurs, without them having to move out of their apartment. The on-site medical clinic at the community also is a tremendous feature of Pemberly Place, where residents have now had both of their COVID vaccine shots, allowing them to finally invite their families to their apartments.

“This had been a huge transition for some of our families,” Kelly said. “They have been waiting to show off their apartments for some time, and now they are able to entertain at their leisure. It is exciting to see increase in foot traffic here and, although we are still wearing masks, we know the residents are smiling from ear to ear on the excitement visitors bring!”

A Save Haven

As you consider senior-living options for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia issues in the Lincoln area, don’t miss checking out CountryHouse Residences for Memory Care (countryhouse.net), which is part of the Agemark family of senior-living communities, with three locations in Lincoln and 26 nationwide. CountryHouse is committed to treating all who live and work in their community like family. Their philosophy revolves around creating and ensuring joy for those living with Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss, while recognizing the difficult journey for everyone involved.

Marty Hug
CountryHouse Residences for Memory Care

“Our view of those who have memory loss is that, if it comes with physical or cognitive challenges, they’re just challenges,” said COO Marty Hug. “We don’t see age. We don’t see challenges. We just see people. And all the people want the same thing—to live a purposeful, well-lived life. So we focus on them individually and use our resources to give them a voice that’s heard. We help them to grow, to have fun, and to life the life they always wanted before their diagnosis.”

CountryHouse works closely with families to learn about what their loved one enjoyed doing before diagnosis and what they wanted to do later in life—then they tailor daily plans toward those things.

“We provide transportation beyond what many communities do,” Marty said. “Most companies will take residents to the doctor, dentist, or grocery store, but what we say is, ‘Tell us where you want to go—within reason, of course. Say someone went out for pie at a certain place every Tuesday. We’ll transport them to continue doing that. Or if they want to go to the zoo, of if they came from a farm and had a garden they want to visit, we’ll go out there with family and let them do some gardening. We want to provide those opportunities they always wanted irrelevant to the challenges.”

Adapting to Change

Changes delivered with the COVID-19 pandemic have been difficult enough for seniors, even without the addition of sudden health changes that require immediate adjustments in living situations. The Waterford Communities (thewaterford.net) provide top-shelf assisted-living and memory-care options for seniors and families in need, including the perfect fit for whatever your immediate needs might be.

Christy Merritt
The Waterford Communities

“The pandemic has absolutely increased the stress of change,” said Executive Director Christy Merritt. “A change of environment alone is difficult, but then throwing in so much uncertainty just takes things to a completely different level.  I believe that The Waterford Communities has helped lessen the stress of that change because we have communities that are easy to navigate with lower average populations, which expedites the process of getting acclimated to a new home.”

New residents and families can quickly learn the names of the team at their community and develop relationships with other residents, which helps diminish some of those fears the first few weeks after moving in. What’s more, The Waterford Communities provide short-term respite care that allows families to test the water.

“I believe respite care is a great option to families just trying to get things figured out,” Christy said. “Respite services are daily services that allow families to place their loved ones in a community or a temporary period of time. This allows for their loved ones to be safe and families to have time to really sort through what would be the best solution to move forward. The Waterford Communities offers respite care services at all of our communities. We have no minimum stay and can often transition someone into respite care very quickly.”

First-Rate Creative Care

Windcrest Assisted Living (capitalsenior.com/community/the-windcrest-on-van-dorn/) offers a fabulous option for first-rate care, both for planned and unplanned life changes. They work collaboratively with you, your family and, when needed, their team of caregivers, to design a custom, person-centered approach to nurturing the whole self. Their amenities, active social community, and delicious culinary options create a genuine, meaningful experience. The safety of the residents and team members at Windcrest on Van Dorn is their top priority.

Kylee Graham
Windcrest Assisted Living

“Windcrest is known for particularly impressive restaurant-style dining with a large selection of fantastic foods,” said Executive Director Kylee Graham. “On the tenet that food connects us, brings us joy, and can be a creative outlet, the residents are invited to get into the action with food, via bake-offs, organized recipe exchanges, and working together safely on fun cooking projects. When it comes to other amenities, residents love our comfortable lounge with a big-screen TV, activity center stocked with games, well-stocked library, computer area for keeping in touch with family, and our on-site salon for both men and women.”

Windcrest was recently chosen on SeniorAdvisor.com as one of just three 2021 Best of Senior Living assisted-living communities in Lincoln. The award recognizes senior-living communities that receive consistently high ratings and positive reviews from their residents, families, and visitors. This exclusive designation is awarded to less than 3% of communities across the United States and Canada, and Windcrest on Van Dorn is excited to celebrate this recognition, especially during pandemic times!

Gramercy Hill (seniorly.com/assisted-living/nebraska/lincoln/gramercy-hill) also offers both independent and assisted-living housing and services in Lincoln. Located on six acres of luscious gardens and floral walking paths, the community invites residents to enjoy comfort and relaxation while taking advantage of exceptional services. They offer residents a vibrant lifestyle that encourages health and independence through innovative recreational, educational, health and wellness programs. Spacious apartments provide peace of mind and thoughtful safety features, while also offering residents sought-after amenities and privacy.

Similarly nestled among mature trees and natural surroundings, Carriage Glen (carriageglenoflincoln.com) is also an excellent location, close to shopping, dining, medical facilities, and area activities, yet comfortably removed from the hustle and bustle. They are a community serving Lincoln’s active 55+ community and host a wide variety of activities for residents, ranging from games to fitness classes, which help residents keep feeling young and lively. They’ve also upped their safety measures in the wake of COVID to include an electrostatic machine, which is used to mist the high-touch surfaces throughout the community multiple times a day.

Your Recovery Specialists

If you or your loved one is not in need of permanent care but needs help after an accident, surgery, or other temporarily debilitating injury, Husker Rehab (huskerrehab.com) can help get you moving and feeling better before going back to your home, including senior-living facilities. They offer the latest-and-greatest equipment, compassionate staff experts, and state-of-the-art treatments to support you. With two locations in Lincoln, their physical-therapy and wellness services are designed thoughtfully to support your goals with a customized program that’s just right for you or your loved one.

Michael Zalman
Husker Rehab

“Our therapists have the expertise to build a program of exercise and balance training to help you regain movement, stability, and strength,” said South Lincoln Husker Rehab Director and Physical Therapist Michael Zalman, M.S.P.T. “We will progress the plan of care and work toward the goals that are important to the patient to get back to normal life and important activities.

Husker Rehab employs a variety of techniques to decrease pain associated with injury or post-surgery, including Graston, dry needling, electrical muscle stimulation, and postural restorative care. Their therapists continue to be progressive in the care they provide by attending continuing-education programs, which allows them to provide the most up-to-date care.

“Our clinics are all easy access and have flexible hours,” Michael said. “We have wonderful bright open spaces and our staff is energetic, positive and committed to providing the highest level of care. Let the experts at Husker Rehab help you to get moving and feeling better.”

Another terrific option for short-term rehabilitation care is Hillcrest Firethorn (hillcresthealth.com), an exceptionally innovative provider in Lincoln. With a new building featuring all private suites and one of the area’s largest rehab gyms, Hillcrest Firethorn is focused on helping aging adults recover from surgery, illness, or hospital stays until they are able to return home. Often, the rehab guests at Firethorn receive health services from Hillcrest Home Care, which provides continuity of care and therapy under one provider. Hillcrest Firethorn also has a limited number of long-term accommodations for seniors who need 24-hour skilled nursing care.

Also be sure to include Old Cheney Rehabilitation (oldcheneyrehab.com) in your search for a facility to provide a short regiment of rehabilitation therapy following a recent hospital stay involving surgery, injury, or a traumatic event or illness. There is a constant need for short-term rehabilitation following both planned and unforeseen hospital stays, and Old Cheney offers a close-knit team of caregivers to ensure quality patient care is provided. Their therapists and nursing staff strive to understand your goals, motivate you to reach your full potential, and return you to home and life activities.

Catastrophic Events, Injuries

Life changes are often unpredictable, but injuries caused by an accident or someone else’s negligence can be especially devastating. When those incidents result in the need for increased care services, getting the right care comes first, but you’ll also want to be sure to engage a dependable, trustworthy law firm right away—and Berry Law (jsberrylaw.com) is there for you. They provide legal advice and support, handling the day to day details of your claim so that you can focus on your recovery.

Susan Napolitano
Berry Law

“Berry Law is one of Nebraska’s premier providers of legal services for people who have experienced a catastrophic event,” said Berry Law Attorney Susan Napolitano. “We pride ourselves on going beyond the average law firm to handle every aspect of our clients’ recovery so our clients can focus exclusively on regaining the life they knew prior to their accident. There is a lot of detail work and negotiation with insurance companies following an accident, and Berry Law can help ease that burden. Let us deal with insurance companies, hospital bills, and debt collectors for you. We recognize that you’re injured, not broken. We stand ready to help you rebuild. We fight for our clients’ to recuperate and thrive in every sense of the word.”

Berry Law Firm will advise clients of their rights, obligations, and options with respect to managing mounting medical bills for treatment of catastrophic injuries. The important thing is to get the treatment you need and let Berry Law handle the rest.

“Many people may not even know that they have med-pay coverage on their auto policies, for example,” Susan said. “Or they may not understand what they are entitled to with respect to uninsured or underinsured parties. When you have been in a serious accident, you will want to be certain to get the most from your policies to cover expenses.”

Handling bills that feel urgent can add a significant amount of unnecessary stress to your recovery.  Most treatment providers should offer at least 90 days from the date of service before threatening collection actions. During this time, injured people can try coordinate a sustainable payment plan with their providers if necessary, and Berry Law will negotiate for a reduced settlement of outstanding bills.

Accidents can divert your plans at any time, but with the right legal team, you can get back on track and be compensated for your loss.

Planning for the Unplanned

It’s never a comfortable conversation and often overwhelming and awkward, but if you have loved ones in senior living, planning ahead for what they want when their time on earth ends is such a crucial thing to do. Wyuka Funeral Home is there to help decide upon and record both your loved ones and your own end-of-life wishes. Pre-planning can help every individual make an informed and thoughtful decision about their funeral, choosing sentimental things they want included, comparing prices, and helping your family. Wyuka offers a pre-planning checklist with all the information you need to start the process, and they’ll help walk you through the entire process before a catastrophic event can force the issue.

When you or a loved one passes away, your family will be making numerous important decisions, while also grieving. Pre-planning can help your family plan with ease when the time comes. Your family can confidently put a loved one’s plan into action, knowing that these were their wishes. Working with Wyuka to create a plan in advance also leaves your loved one with the peace of mind that their family has been relieved of making burdensome decisions during their time of loss. Once completed, you can rest assured that you and your loved ones’ plans are in the hands of trusted individuals—without forcing anyone to make decisions in a hurried manner. You do not have to pay for a plan in advance, unless you choose to, so it’s never too soon to get started.

The pandemic has taught us over and again that change can be difficult, but it’s always better when you have someone on the journey with you. Fortunately, when it comes to senior living and other unplanned life changes, Lincoln is home to so many amazing providers to support you and get you the services to fit your particular situation to a tee. Look to these folks for help when you need it most!