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The Perfect Occasion LLC is an event planning company specializing in planning and managing events for businesses and nonprofits.

The Holiday Hustle in Lincoln, Nebraska

Now that it actually feels more like the holidays have arrived—December is sure to be a busy month for all! Anything associated with holiday gatherings, parties and shopping take up most of our free time and if not planned in advance, can definitely take more time and create more stress than they should.

Holiday Gifts & Gatherings in Lincoln, Nebraska

The holidays are here! You might not be as ready for the holiday season as you’d hoped, but there’s still plenty of time to get

Holiday Party Planning in Lincoln, Nebraska

Another holiday season is upon us, beginning the festivities with fall favorite Halloween and going out with a bang for New Year’s.  In between is

Entertaining Clients in Lincoln, Nebraska

Establishing and maintaining a solid relationship with each of your clients is one of the ways you can ensure their continued business.  After all, we

The Perfect Occasion, LLC Presents a Meeting and Event Planning Workshop in Lincoln, Nebraska

The Perfect Occasion, LLC is offering a workshop designed for staff members or volunteers responsible for planning and managing meetings and events for their organization.

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The Perfect Occasion LLC Announces Collaboration with Center for People in Need in Lincoln, Nebraska

Annette Marquez is excited to be working with the Center for People in Need in planning their 10th Anniversary Celebration and Fundraising event.  The celebration

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