Senior Living in Lincoln, NE – 2020


Making Changes to Meet Your Loved Ones’ Needs in their Golden Years

Getting to the age where you or your family start talking about senior living can be the start of an emotional ride, for sure. Feelings of denial or fear are completely normal, but making a plan and knowing when to put it into play can help. Discussions about moving a loved one to an assisted-living facility can draw strong resistance. On top of that, about 10,000 baby boomers are reaching retirement age every day—a rate that is expected to continue into the 2030s and equates to a growing need for retirement and senior-living communities.

The good news is that senior-living services and facilities for all levels of care are abundant in Lincoln, and you won’t have to go it alone. We asked local senior-living providers about their offerings, how far ahead you should plan, their particular specialties and process, and how they help support caretakers in addition to residents. By the time you read through this feature, we hope you’ll feel empowered to embrace that age when it’s time for you, your parents, or other loved ones to power up their golden years.

Stop and Smell the Roses


Brenda McIntosh Gramercy Hill

Brenda McIntosh
Gramercy Hill

Gramercy Hill offers both independent and assisted-living housing and services in Lincoln. Located on six acres of luscious gardens and floral walking paths, the community invites residents to enjoy comfort and relaxation while taking advantage of exceptional services. They offer residents a vibrant lifestyle that encourages health and independence through innovative recreational, educational, health, and wellness programs. Spacious apartments provide peace of mind and thoughtful safety features, while also offering residents sought-after amenities and privacy.

“Gramercy Hill focuses on the unique needs and wants of seniors to cultivate rich life experiences and an unmatched sense of community,” said Sales Director Brenda McIntosh. “We have studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments with outstanding community amenities for independent living and assisted living. Gramercy is a great place to live, relax, and thrive! This year marks our 35th anniversary and we continue to be the place that people like to call home. The things I hear most people rave about are the food and the excellent care they receive.”

In planning for the move to senior living, Brenda said every case is different, so there’s no one-size-fits-all formula. Regardless of your extenuating circumstances, however, it’s never too early to start planning. It also is helpful to make a list of your wants and needs that allows you to be able to ask questions when you tour and consider specific senior-living communities. With baby boomers retiring at breakneck pace, Gramercy Hill is seeing strong demand for both independent and assisted living, which provides support for caretakers of seniors as well as the seniors themselves.

“It is a growing industry with the baby boomers going into retirement, and they are looking for places to relax and enjoy life without worrying about cooking, cleaning, and maintaining a house and yard,” Brenda said. “When people need extra help, we can also make it easier for caretakers and seniors and guide them through the process. We also offer respite care, which can be very helpful to everyone involved. Clients can stay two weeks to three months in a completely furnished apartment. They don’t have the worry of trying to get furniture moved, and we provide all of the amenities. Their family knows that their loved one is safe, and that is so important to us.”

Making Tough Decisions


Natalie Leon Visiting Angels

Natalie Leon
Visiting Angels

Visiting Angels provides companion care and personal-care services with specialized programs to foster independent living and enhance seniors’ quality of life. Their home-care services are designed to provide assistance with the activities that seniors need help with to stay at home safely and still maintain their dignity. Executive Director Natalie Leon shared some insight about some warning signs that your loved one might need in-home care or a senior-living option and offered some tips for having family discussions about those needs. Among warning signs that that might signal the need for home care or senior living are:

  • If they pose a threat to their own wellbeing, seek immediate care
  • A recent hospital discharge is limiting their ability to undertake their daily routine
  • General physical limitations are hindering daily activities
  • Rehabilitation following an injury or medical procedure may require homecare
  • If they are having trouble preparing their own meals, they may need homecare
  • Memory lapses are impeding daily functions and can put your loved ones in danger

“While some of these warning signs might be common sense, considering and weighing each one accordingly is an important step toward making a potentially difficult decision,” Natalie said. “Approaching a loved one about the possibility of homecare is a touchy subject, one wrought with emotion that forces loved ones to confront their own age-related shortcomings. Remember to broach the subject with sensitivity and care. Your loved ones must feel that their opinions are being considered if their mental capabilities are up to task.”

Natalie offered some tips for discussing the option of homecare with your loved one. For starters, focus on your loved one during discussions and keep them involved. Don’t blame others or use “You” statements.” Voice your opinions using “I” statements, and define a clear topic for each discussion. You’ll want to be assertive, but respectful, and keep in mind that it might take some time and multiple conve

rsations to come to a consensus, so don’t try to accomplish too much in one discussion.
“Remember to keep all discussions with your loved one positive,” Natalie said. “If they have the mental capacity to make the decision on their own, then they must do so. It is your responsibility to demonstrate your concern first and foremost, not to make decisions for them. In the end, if you choose Visiting Angels for your homecare needs, you will be met with a personalized approach to our homecare services, as we treat each client with the utmost respect and establish a unique, comprehensive care plan.”

Finding the RIGHT Place

If you’re looking for the perfect transition to senior living for you or a loved one, you might find the process and multitudinous choices a bit overwhelming. That’s where Oasis Senior Advisors comes in. Not only are they experienced transition specialists, but you’ll never get a bill from them for helping you find the senior community that meets your specific needs to a tee.


Beth Friesen Oasis Senior Advisors

Beth Friesen
Oasis Senior Advisors

“Our services are free to seniors and their families,” said Oasis Senior Advisors Owner and CEO Beth Friesen. “We learn about you, what is important to you, and what you will need—both now and in the future. We then customize your search with our proprietary software so that you never have to worry that you may be wasting your time looking at a place that is not able to meet your needs, be those your physical needs or your financial ability to pay. At Oasis, the right place truly does mean everything.”

Beth emphasized that it’s important to start looking for senior living options before you actually need them.
“Can the need for services happen almost overnight? You bet,” she said. “We can make that happen, too, but you then are limited to availability. When you plan ahead, you can be choosy, down to the very direction of your view out your windows. We feel strongly that most people do not make good decisions during times of great stress. Contact us, and we’ll sit down with you and explain the options here in Lincoln that fit your needs and your budget. In addition, we will discuss other important things to have in place and direct you to trusted professionals who can help you get everything in order for you or someone you love.”

Every Oasis Senior Advisors owner is a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA). That means you can trust that they are putting your needs ahead of their own and that they operate with the highest of ethical standards. In addition to being CSAs, Beth and Tanya Godwin at Oasis are Certified Dementia Practitioners (CDP), and Beth is a Registered Nurse.

“The knowledge, care, and compassion that you and your family members will receive when working with Oasis are unparalleled,” Beth said. “As our baby boomers reach the age where assisted living and other senior living options become necessary or desired, their families need to be able to reach out to services such as Oasis Senior Advisors to help them navigate this complex maze. We are in communication with the communities in our area every week. Don’t guess on care. It’s just too important.”

Go Straight to the Source

Pemberly Place Senior Living Community is an excellent option for any level of senior living care and service you’re looking for, tailored to the individual lifestyles of each resident—including all levels of independent and assisted living, as well as memory support. Pemberly Place operates in a culture of care and meets and exceeds the quality benchmarks set forth by the National Center for Assisted Living. What’s more, they represent the only senior-living community in Nebraska that can offer an onsite medical clinic.


Kelly Mans Pemberly Place

Kelly Mans
Pemberly Place

“This feature allows our residents to remain at ease with their healthcare needs, knowing if they needed to see a provider, that it can be arranged very quickly,” said Pemberly Director of Marketing Kelly Mans. “Our onsite medical clinic is special, because it gives us the ability to treat our residents right at the clinic or via house calls, which are great when residents are not feeling well because they can stay in their pajamas and our medical staff comes to them!”

When it comes right down to it, maybe the best way to get a feel for a senior-living facility is to go straight to the source: Ask the residents. Kelly talked to some Pemberly “family” members for us to find out what they love about Pemberly, what others would like about it—and to offer advice to other seniors. Resident Sherry Hoffer said “the companionship and the meals” are what she loves most about her home there. Her advice to seniors? “Staying active and positive is the key, and think YOUNG.”

Pemberly resident Dixie Benton told us what that she loves are the friends she has made while living at Pemberly, “and the staff are so caring!” What’s more, she said the apartments are comfortable and “you get good care at Pemberly and don’t have to do those tasks that used to take up so much of your time.” Dixie says staying positive and relying on her faith is what continues to help her through anything life throws her way throughout her senior years.

Resident Joyce Ross praised the staff as “so helpful and kind” and said she LOVES the food. She’s also very pleased that Pemberly has a medical clinic—oh, and a Friday afternoon social gathering! Her advice for healthy senior living is “don’t let the small things get you down, as they just don’t matter.” Good advice, indeed, Joyce.

Clearly, residents at this senior-living community are happy with their choice to be there, and part of that likely stems from its owner’s vision. Pemberly Place is independently owned by Monte Froehlich, who strives to provide a family feel versus a corporate atmosphere.

Technology for Independence

When it comes to safety and comfort in senior living, technology can be your best friend. But don’t worry; you don’t have to be technologically savvy to benefit from all the latest and greatest doohickeys and thingamajigs. Addison Collingsworth, owner of Simply Smart Homes said they offer lots of technical solutions for seniors looking to retain their independence and for their families seeking to monitor their loved ones’ safety, without invading anyone’s privacy.


Addison Collingsworth Simply Smart Homes

Addison Collingsworth
Simply Smart Homes

“The devices we install and program can assist in many different ways, whether that’s monitoring someone for a fall in their bathroom, helping set up medication reminders for those with memory difficulties, voice- and video-call devices to keep loved ones connected, and many other solutions,” Addison said. “If there is a unique circumstance or concern you have about keeping your loved one safe and happy, we can help find a solution that will help.”

Simply Smart Homes can even partner with a senior-living facility in Lincoln and set up devices and products that enable family members of residents to be involved in the monitoring and caregiving of their loved one, while ensuring that residents’ daily needs are met.

“With smart tools at their disposal, these facilities are able to automatically share updates and alerts with you based on what is happening in your loved one’s life, far beyond what is otherwise possible,” Addison said. “Your loved ones can maintain their independence while you have peace of mind that, should something happen, everyone involved will be alerted and the resident will receive assistance faster. For example, if the senior-living facility needs to monitor whether an individual has gotten out of bed in the morning or taken their medication, we can set up mobile alerts to let them know automatically if it has been done and set up easy-to-use audio/video devices so they can talk to the resident if an issue arises. This can enable staff to get the most out of the time they are with a resident in-person and give the resident and family peace of mind.”

As the technologies that Simply Smart Homes uses become more mainstream and easier to use, Addison foresees burgeoning demand for home-automation and smart-products use in senior living. Things like Alexa and Google Home are more prevalent than ever and are demonstrating an ability to connect families in ways that were impossible just a few years ago—and it just keeps getting better.

“Devices like these can help seniors live independently while still providing a safety net and enabling their families to stay connected to them,” Addison said.

Aging in Place

While Lincoln is fortunate to have many options for seniors, Tabitha Senior Living Advocate Aubrey Paulsen said the baby-boom generation is bringing new demand for community needs, in the form of a growing need for “age-in-place” communities where older adults find a place to call home that grows with them as they age and provides access to additional services if the need arises.


Aubrey Paulsen Tabitha

Aubrey Paulsen

“Tabitha is fortunate to be one the few communities in Lincoln to offer this opportunity,” Aubrey said. “As a faith-based, mission-focused nonprofit, Tabitha has been committed to caring for and about Nebraska seniors for more than 130 years. Our senior-care services include results-driven rehabilitation, accessible at-home health care, innovative living communities, and compassionate hospice care. In Lincoln, more than 500 clients daily also rely on Tabitha’s Meal on Wheels program.”

Tabitha offers two living-community campuses in Lincoln, which include assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing, and long-term care. The innovative, homelike Tabitha Residences represent a one-of-a-kind hospice community that also offers inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation. The Crete campus offers assisted living and residential-style, long-term care in a rural setting. When planning for senior living, seniors and their families must consider their individual goals to determine which is the best fit.

“Are they looking for one place to continue their aging journey, or would they consider relocating again?” Aubrey asked. “This comes down to understanding the levels of care at each potential community or continuum. They should also consider their finances and research the private-pay commitment at each community, including what happens if they outlive their resources. Does the community accept Medicaid and let them continue to live there, or would they be required to move? Another consideration is the location and whether it provides convenient access to their families, doctors, and places of worship.”

Homelike Care

If you’re looking for a renowned assisted-living community, The Waterford Communities in Lincoln serve up prime opportunities in three different facilities: The Waterford at Williamsburg, The Waterford at College View, and The Waterford at Wilderness Hills, all part of one local, family-owned company.


Christy Merritt The Waterford Communities

Christy Merritt
The Waterford Communities

“Being family-owned allows us the flexibility to better serve our residents in an individualized manner with higher staffing ratios than the industry average,” said Waterford Executive Director Christy Merritt. “We are able to adapt in some ways that aren’t always possible elsewhere, and we pride ourselves on the ability to get creative and to put our residents first. At The Waterford Communities, we are driven by the ability to passionately care for your loved ones in a homelike atmosphere from our three assisted-living facilities.”

The Waterford at Williamsburg is the company’s largest and most traditional community. The Waterford at College View is nestled in the middle of a neighborhood, giving it an extra homelike feel, where they have two separate buildings that also allow them to take care of residents needing memory care. The Waterford at Wilderness Hills Memory Care is the newest of their communities, with just 16 rooms solely dedicated to memory care, where they provide the optimal environment for caring for your loved ones who need more attention and specialized care.

The Waterford Communities has created a resources hub on its website at, where it provides materials and articles to help you along as you explore your assisted-living operations. That includes a simple care-level quiz to help point you in the right direction for your particular situation and needs and a senior-care glossary to help you understand all the lingo you might encounter during your search, which they’ll walk you through every step of the way.

“Finding the right assisted living community can leave you feeling overwhelmed,” Christy said. “The good news is you are not alone. We will help you find the perfect fit, so you can stop searching and relax knowing that you have made the right decision.”

A Sense of Community

Legacy Retirement Communities offer the full spectrum of senior care and living options, including independent and assisted living at three locations and memory care exclusively at a fourth site. In addition to these three umbrella-level care options, Retirement Living Advisor Jocelyn Fitzgerald said Legacy can take care of things like medication management, appointment reminders, and the like. In addition, Legacy Home Care is available to residents and includes a multitude of care options and direct communication with the nursing staff. Founded in 1995, Legacy Retirement Communities have been distinguished as leaders in the senior-living industry and have earned numerous local and national awards for their elegant assisted and independent-living retirement communities, along with their world-class service and programming. Of course, the pandemic brought a whole new level of challenges, but Legacy was able to conquer those and continuously meet their residents’ needs throughout.


Jocelyn Fitzgerald Legacy Retirement Communities

Jocelyn Fitzgerald
Legacy Retirement Communities

“As human, and aging adults in particular, there will always be a demand to have a sense of community, to feel safe, cared for, and have social interaction in a place that feels like home,” Jocelyn said. “If COVID has taught us anything, it is that we are social creatures, regardless of age, and Legacy Retirement Communities offers that and so much more.”

Planning ahead is the best way to end up in the senior-living environment that suits you or your loved one best, and Jocelyn offered some tips about some things to watch for as you hone in on the right place.
“It is never too early to explore senior-living options,” she said. “Time is your best friend when it comes to shopping for retirement living. Define what is important to you as far as levels of care available, amenities, security, and the like, and then start your search. One particular tip that we like to leave people with is to talk to several staff members as you tour and ask about employee longevity. That’s a good indicator about whether the community or facility is well-managed. We believe that happy employees equal happy residents. The staff will become like a second family and advocate for you and your loved one, so it is worth noting.”

Care, Comfort, and Cost

Care, comfort, and cost—those are the three C’s around which Orchard Park Assisted Living’s mission revolves. Founded by Virgil and Jan Carner, the community is committed to an affordable “health-first” philosophy that emphasizes familiar comforts and creating moments of joy for each resident. They didn’t want to create a fancy-living facilities or nursing home with resort-style amenities and gourmet chefs that came with a big hit on the wallet. Virgil and Jan instead saw the need for a community where seniors could simply continue living the way to which they were accustomed. By keeping their focus on what they believe is most important, they can offer a cost for care that’s more affordable to residents who want to preserve more of their nest egg and make it last as long as possible.

The creature-comforts approach includes Orchard Park’s renowned home-style cooking and hobby opportunities to keep memories alive. The cooks’ goal is to create dishes that remind residents of the favorites they’ve been cooking and eating their whole lives. They serve up the kind of comfort-food classics that will make your loved ones feel right at home, and whether it’s growing tomatoes every summer, playing a few hands of gin rummy, crafting, or just enjoying some quiet time with a favorite TV program, they also make it easy for residents to continue the hobbies they’ve always loved.

Going Above and Beyond

COVID-19 has had a major impact on the mental and emotional health of seniors and according to a recent study, social isolation is the public health risk of our time. With this in mind, Home Care Partners of Nebraska goes above and beyond for its clients and is making a difference by bringing joy and emotional support to their lives. Co-owner Karla Frese said her team has been creating and finding innovative ways to bring sunshine to seniors’ lives, as they provide quality non-medical home services that improve their quality of life and create peace of mind.


Karla Frese Home Care Partners of Nebraska

Karla Frese
Home Care Partners of Nebraska

“We are committed to making each day meaningful and enhancing the quality of life for seniors all over Lincoln,” Karla said. “Those interactions are one of the strongest predictors of how long you’ll live.”
In fact, the National Consumer Voice for Long-Term Care reports that the situation is dire, with Executive Director Lori Smetanka noting, “We’re hearing stories of people declining and dying literally from loneliness and feelings of abandonment.” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says roughly 100,000 Americans died from Alzheimer’s and dementia from February through May, which is about 18% above average for those disorders.

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of clients who are physically distancing, Home Care Partners have added mobile check-ins, whereby their team makes phone calls to clients to confirm their safety, health, the availability of adequate supplies, groceries, and meds in their homes.  These check-ins give families near and far extra peace of mind at a time when they can’t be with their loved ones.

“A Home Care Partner is a friend that provides inspiring activities so that mom or dad doesn’t feel lonely, as well as a residence that is clean and organized, care management that checks up on mom or dad immediately when they aren’t feeling well, and a team and oversight that provides confidence that mom and dad are safe, dignified, and have the highest quality of life.”

If your loved one has dementia and isn’t able to life at home anymore due to the growing severity of their condition even with in-home assistance on call, it’s important to find them a safe, nurturing environment as soon as possible. Sumner Place Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation specializes in individualized programs designed to reduce feelings of confusion, fear, and agitation and offers meaningful, enjoyable activities that stimulate the mind and body. Their facility prides itself on providing resident-focused care and offering a homelike atmosphere. Whether it’s taking a resident to a movie they want to see, organizing in-house activities or social engagements with the community, or offering daily spiritual services, Sumner Place focuses on personalized care. They are even certified in a Music & Memory program, which is proven to tap into the long-term memory, an area of the brain unharmed by dementia. Selecting the appropriate music for each resident triggers pleasurable emotions from their past.

Vitality and Flexibility

When considering your options for a senior living facility, it truly is important to ask yourself whether or not your loved one feels at home there. Check out things like food and activities options, which can have a major impact on any senior’s long-term mental wellness. The Woodlands at Hillcrest pays close attention to the finest of details.


Hannah Elliott The Woodlands at Hillcrest

Hannah Elliott
The Woodlands at Hillcrest

“At The Woodlands at Hillcrest, we work closely with residents to meet individual needs,” said Woodlands Executive Director Hannah Elliott. “We have some residents with specific diet concerns who meet weekly with our chef to plan meals that fit their needs but still taste great. No two aging adults have the same care needs so we want to make sure every one of our residents is in an environment that suits them perfectly.”
The Woodlands at Hillcrest provides a unique living experience in a beautiful location that is growing with the addition of new neighborhoods and businesses. They have a wide variety of assisted-living services, including memory care. Their skilled staff and qualified nurses and caregivers get to know residents on a personal level to meet their needs in a holistic manner, and the vibrant, easy-going lifestyle serves up a tremendous community.

“Our staff works to foster an atmosphere of vitality and flexibility that allows residents to adopt fun new things into their day-to-day routine,” Hannah said. “Residents at The Woodlands like to keep their minds sharp and have fun by trying new things from calligraphy to learning how to play a new instrument. It’s always a good time to master something new. We want to be sure your move to the Woodlands is the last move you have to make.”

For aging adults motivated to transition into a retirement community simply because they no longer want to care for a home by themselves, feel lonely, or wish to be closer to friends, children, and grandchildren, Carriage Glen is another excellent option. As Lincoln’s independent-living community for people ages 55 and older, they offer various floor plans to rent, an optional dining program, wellness area, coffee shop, library, transportation, covered parking, and even storage space, so Carriage Glen is a great option for a care-free retirement home. They also offer a variety of activities to reach all social, physical, and mental needs, too, and the active, stimulating environment is constantly changing with exciting programming. Don’t wait until you’re forced to make a decision, though. Be proactive in identifying a place for you or your loved one to spend the golden years early on and reduce the stress of making the transition.

From Here to Home

If you or your loved one doesn’t need a new living situation but rather needs a short regiment of rehabilitation therapy following a recent hospital stay involving surgery, injury, a traumatic even, or illness, consider Old Cheney Rehabilitation. There is a constant need for short-term rehabilitation following both planned and unforeseen hospital stays. Old Cheney Rehabilitation offers a close-knit team of caregivers to ensure quality patient care is provided. Their therapists and nursing staff strive to understand your goals, motivate you to reach your full potential, and return you to home and life activities.


Megan McMillen Old Cheney Rehabilitation

Megan McMillen
Old Cheney Rehabilitation

“At Old Cheney Rehabilitation, we pride ourselves on our five-star customer-service record, personalized care, and resort-style accommodations,” said Old Cheney Marketing Director Megan McMillen. “We provide our residents with personalized intensive regimes of therapy to maximize their functional independence and facilitate their safe return to home. We offer physical, occupational, and speech therapies in-house to meet your individual needs to get you ‘From Here to Home’ in a safe and timely manner. We have connections with various home-health providers and caretakers to ensure a seamless return, and our therapy department looks forward to providing outpatient care in the near future.”

Prior to discharge, the Old Cheney team offers home safety evaluations to ensure a smooth transition. It also provides an excellent opportunity for their therapists to provide caregiver support and education to enhance patient and family safety upon discharge. It’s crucial that you know all of the services and the reputation of a rehabilitation center before you choose the right one for you or your loved one.

“When selecting the best rehab facility, families should connect with several providers to find the one that best aligns with your wishes and goals,” Megan said. “We focus our efforts strictly on short-term rehab and don’t offer long-term care. Our goal is to get you home where you belong!”

Lancaster Rehabilitation Center also provides option for care following a fall, illness, or any other acute health challenge. They offer both short- and long-term rehabilitation programs that are designed to promote quick yet full recoveries. Families considering Lancaster should take into consideration their loved one’s medical needs and talk to their physician, as the rehab center needs a physician order indicating a need for placement at the facility. Their staff then does a pre-screening visit with you or your family to ensure that they can meet your needs. Lancaster offers 24-hour healthcare and assistance with daily tasks, including certified nursing assistants, culinary services, social services, beauty/barber-shop services, plus attending physicians and therapy services. Their programs are designed to empower their residents to become engaged in the healing process to ensure long-term success.

Lincoln Lymphedema and Occupational Therapy provides additional services that can be crucial to aging adults who tend to experience increase joint swelling—be that at home or in a senior-living community. Adam Rawson established the clinic as the first stand-along lymphedema clinic in Nebraska and offers complete decongestive therapy to treat all types of swelling (edema). Treatment modalities include manual lymph-drainage techniques, skin care, application of compression bandages, assessment for daily wear compression, donning/doffing education for compression wear, and education for use of donning-doffing aides. The clinic addresses everything from intense outpatient therapy through transition to a home maintenance program.

Telling the Senior Story

When the time does arrive for a loved one to enter into a senior-living facility, it’s often difficult for family members who want to know about their everyday lives but might not live within easy-traveling distance. That’s where News Link Inc. comes in. It is a full-service business-communications company in Lincoln, and with so many baby boomers reaching retirement age every day, the company has expanded further into the senior-living field to help tell the senior story. The company provides reporting, photography, and newsletter services to help senior-living facilities and their families remain engaged, even in the world of social distancing.


Jaclyn Tan News Link Inc.

Jaclyn Tan
News Link Inc.

“We see a need for more positive stories celebrating these communities, residents, patients, family, and staff—especially during COVID-19 social distancing,” said News Link Journalist Jaclyn Tan. “Our publications and videos are designed to strengthen connections within care facilities and among their families, care partners, and the community. The coronavirus pandemic has challenged senior-living communities in unprecedented ways. Besides stringent health measures to keep seniors safe and healthy physically, caretakers must keep seniors mentally, emotionally, and socially engaged during this time, so they can continue to experience a fulfilling life.”

News Link takes the lead in interviewing, writing, editing, designing, publishing, and distributing engaging stories about senior living for senior communities. This tailor-made content can be delivered on any platform, whether print, video, mobile, or web. In a time when face-to-face interaction may not be feasible, these alternative avenues can be a source of connection and comfort for seniors and their families.

“Even before COVID-19, we noticed through existing Lincoln clients—including Lancaster Rehabilitation Center and Legacy Retirement Communities—that the desire for enhanced communication among seniors, caretakers, healthcare providers, and their communities was universal and growing,” Jaclyn said. “As more seniors retire into vibrant lives in their golden years, they remain a valuable part of the community, and we aim to tell their stories. Our interaction with seniors also helps engage them in passing on their wisdom and tales to the next generation.”

Store it All

When you do decide on the right senior-living option for you or your loved one, you’re likely to need some storage space, at least for the short term, until you know exactly what they will need—and to preserve those treasured keepsakes that are still too difficult to let go. Store it All Self Storage, owned by Kingery Construction, offers storage units varying from 5’ x 5’ to pad sites to large units that are 10’ x 40’ and have doors on both sides, so they can provide you with the space that’s just right for you. Plus, you’ll love the customer service and the exceptional value they provide!

Put Your Right Food Forward

Finally, when you finalize plans for senior living, don’t forget to incorporate appropriate exercise into your plan. Right Foot Forward Fitness offers fitness coaching programs for people of all ages and abilities.

Feeling apprehensive is normal at the start of the a new program, and a fitness professionals at Right Foot Forward will sit down with you and walk you and your loved one through your personal fitness goals. Right Foot Forward Fitness not only has the equipment, facility, and expertise to bring seniors physically back to a place of freedom and mobility, but they have fun suggestions that can include family and friends in exercise and create great memories. After all, as Abe Lincoln said, “It’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

With some 77 million baby boomers in the United States, 10,000 per day are turning 65—that’s 70,000 per week and more than 280,000 per month. Research indicates that a great majority of them are working for the dream of a comfortable, relaxing, engaging retirement. Some will pursue independent living, and others will need assistance in some form or another. The Lincoln senior-living sector is prepared for any scenario, with every service and living option that you can imagine. You’re sure to find the perfect fit!